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Premier League Odds On Coutinho Next Stop Sketchy

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Odds On Coutinho Next Stop Sketchy

Philippe Coutinho has no idea where he will play next following the Champions League Final. The Brazilian was part of the victorious Bayern Munich club and is due to return to Barcelona. However, that return to Camp Nou is likely to be a short one with Barca unlikely to have a spot for the midfielder. Hence, the Premier League odds on the 28-year-old’s next stop remains erratic. However, a better picture of that could happen in the coming days.

For now, Coutinho will try to enjoy the Champions League triumph and worry about his next stop next. That could hold for this week but the next one will be different. It will be the point where the Brazilian needs to figure out his next move. So far, only one club has been mentioned as a landing spot in Arsenal F.C. But a stop at Emirates Stadium holds no closure, depending on who Mikel Arteta has in mind.

Premier League Odds shining on Coutinho

Arsenal has a lot of targets in mind but can only really get some. Budget is a problem, a reality that most clubs have to face these days. Hence, Arteta needs to take out the old to bring in new faces. One advantage that Coutinho holds is that he may be affordable compared to the rest.

Philippe Coutinho got a £105 million in 2018 but failed to live up to his billing. This resulted in Barca sending him out on loan to Bayern Munich to somehow make up for lost wages. Unfortunately, the Brazilian failed to turn his play around. He struggled this season, having to deal with an ankle injury. He ended up with 11 goals and nine assists across all competitions, numbers that leave a lot to be desired. The number of goals he made was similar to the same production he had with Barca. In all, these were numbers that one would not expect from someone given a multimillion contract.

Hence, Coutinho may have to lower his contract expectations for now. But before he can even think about how much he can make, there are some loose ends over at Barca. This has to do with the original deal for Coutinho. Liverpool has yet to get fully paid for the $138 million deal. Barcelona still owes The Reds roughly $5.6 million, an amount that can only be settled if Coutinho plays 15 more games.


Given the situation that Coutinho is in right now, it is unlikely that he will play 15 more games at Camp Nou. Barca and Liverpool need to iron this issue out before Coutinho can be dealt with another team. It is possible that the next team the Brazilian plays for may pick up the tab, part of the agreement. Hence, it only further complicates the situation of Coutinho who has no idea where he will be playing next.

The Gunners are a logical place for Coutinho though other clubs may enter the fray. Coutinho may not be that explosive but he remains a viable option for clubs looking to beef up their midfield.