Premier League Odds On Barcelona Coutinho Sale Looking Brighter

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Odds On Barcelona Coutinho Sale Looking Brighter

Barcelona is looking to unload some of its players and Philippe Coutinho is seen as the player that they need to let go. The reason behind this is that the Catalan giants are planning to make a run at Lautaro Martinez. But like most clubs, one issue Barca needs to address is their finances. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit all teams hard, a reason why lavish spending is likely to be limited this summer. In the case of Coutinho, Barca may have better Premier League odds of selling the Brazilian with multiple teams interested.

Among the teams interested in Coutinho include Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham. But most feel that the best landing spot for the 28-year-old midfielder is his old team – Liverpool. It will be recalled that Jurgen Klopp did not want to part with Coutinho at that time. Though Klopp made efforts to keep Coutinho in the fold, he went on to join Barca in 2018 priced heftily at $180 million. With expectations high, Coutinho hardly showed he was worth the investment. He ended up being loaned to Bayern Munich and it appears he has no plans to return to Camp Nou.

Premier League Odds Tip Liverpool As Ideal Landing Spot

Critics feel that Liverpool would do well to take Coutinho back. Though Klopp already has a formidable offensive line, some feel that they could use another attacker. The Reds recently lost to Atletico Madrid in a round of 16 of the Champions League. Some feel Liverpool needs more attack reinforcements. Considering he was a force there before, a reunion between Klopp and Coutinho could address that.

Should Liverpool be serious, there could be precedents needed. Seeing how Klopp tries his best to keep Coutinho, a former Premier League striker believes the Brazilian’s chances could get better if he apologizes to Klopp. Though he has not openly tackled it, there is a good chance that Jurgen Klopp may have been hurt with Coutinho’s decision to bold Liverpool in 2018. Right now, Klopp has not touched much on the topic of Coutinho. Regardless, an apology could raise the chances of a reunion. This is assuming that Liverpool is bent on taking back the Brazilian.

Barcelona keeping fingers crossed

Liverpool is not the only team that could gain from this scenario. Barcelona needs all the help it can get to gain financial flexibility. Reeling in Martinez will come at a hefty price. Getting rid of their financial obligation to Coutinho will help although more players may be dealt with. Among the players, Barca is reportedly planning to deal out include Nelson Semedo, Ivan Rakitic and Ousmane Dembele. Of the three, Rakitic and Dembele have already been linked to other teams.

A return to Anfield Stadium could also do wonders for Coutinho. It was here where he gained notice so a return home could help rejuvenate his career. If Klopp passes, the Brazilian does have options. But this is on the premise that other interested teams have the budget to accommodate Coutinho to the fold.