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Premier League Football Odds This Week Sketchy For Willian Stay At Stamford Bridge

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Football Odds This Week Sketchy For Willian Stay At Stamford Bridge

Willian Borges da Silva has reportedly rejected the latest contract offer from Chelsea F.C. The word out is that the latest deal offered is yet a two-year deal once more. Details were not disclosed, including the money involved. Regardless, it seems pretty clear that the 31-year-old wants a three-year deal. It is the same length of tenure that the Brazilian wants and it will stick. Hence, the Premier League football odds on him staying at Stamford Bridge have taken a blow.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Willian was seeking a three-year deal. The Blues were only willing to hand him a two-year pact, a standard for players over 30. Despite that, the Brazilian is hoping that there would be an exception to that rule. So far, that has not happened and may probably not.

Even if the Blues do not relax their stance, Willian has options. At least two Premier League clubs are interested in taking him in. Beyond that, there are MLS teams also interested. It is presumed that these clubs will offer a three-year deal which Willian covets

Premier League football odds of Willian playing elsewhere

Right now, everything is still not lost for Willian. They are set to play in the Champions League next and his decision is expected to be known thereafter. The Brazilian remains questionable since he is down with an injury. He did not play in the FA Cup final and his health status remains up in the air.

Frank Lampard would love to keep Willian but knows the Brazilian’s decision is beyond his control. He can only wait like the Blues, hoping that the 31-year-old has a change of heart. As of now, the odds of that happening is not looking good.

“I know the situation at the club’s end. I have a great relationship with Willian, but I don’t actually know what the decision is,” Lampard said.

Ironically, one team that is in pursuit is Arsenal F.C. – the same team that defeated the Blues in the FA Cup final. Manchester United is also in the mix, a team ready to offer him a three-year deal. At this point in his career, it is understandable why Willian wants a long-term deal. It may be the last time he will get a big contract and wants to make the most out of it.


There is no denying that Willian Borges da Silva remains a big asset for any club that would take him in. He may be good for at least two more years although another year may not hurt. This is barring any major injuries that could hamper his performance. But at the rate things are happening now, it is clear that the Brazilian is already feeling the effects of playing. His ability to heal fast will be closely monitored, something that clubs may also factor in.

Hence, Willian’s presence (or absence) for the Champions League could be a deriving factor as well. If he sits out, the chances of him being handed a three-year deal may dip immensely. As for other club offers, it could be a key point for consideration as well.