Premier League Football Money Game Delaying Koulibaly Exit From Napoli

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Football Money Game Delaying Koulibaly Exit From Napoli

Kalidou Koulibaly of S.S.C. Napoli has drawn interest from several clubs and Gil Azzurri is open to selling the Senegal defender. Manchester City is said to be at the lead but no formal offer has been made fro the 29-year-old player. No club has made any pitch for Koulibaly, hinting that the Premier League football money game may be to blame. Napoli is asking $81 million for his services, a drop from their original asking fee of $100 million. Unfortunately, that discount has not raised interest with most trying to figure out their financial situations. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, clubs are trying to spend wisely heading into next season.

For Napoli, the absence of offers is not something that raises any alarm. They seem to be happy keeping the Senegal player. Koulibaly feels the same, not that keen to leave San Paolo Stadium. But of course, all these may be a slight delay with most clubs focusing on finishing their respective season. The landscape is likely to change in the summer once their current campaigns are over.

Napoli playing the Premier League football money game by ear

Napoli knows the level of interest for Kalidou Koulibaly. City knows that they could get a big boost if they add the 29-year-old to the mix. And while there is no official word on why they have not pursued Koulibaly, it could be because of budget worries as well. The Sky Blues have a couple of loose ends right now. That includes dealing with their current mix and figuring out who will stay and who will go.

It is the same predicament that other teams are facing. There will be a carousel of players this summer, some who may be moving to other clubs. It City is no careful, they could lose out on Koulibaly. Other teams interested in the Senegalese include Manchester United, Liverpool and Barcelona. One thing going for the Sky Blues is that Koulibaly is eager to play under Pep Guardiola.

Also worth considering is that City may be trying to figure out if their current players can hold up the midfield. John Stones and Nicolas Otamendi were given the chance to prove their worth in their previous games. But it appears both have failed to impress Guardiola, meaning the interest in Koulibaly remains.

What’s in it for the Senegalese

Until an offer is made, Koulibaly will be sitting on pins and needles. He needs to focus and help Napoli in its remaining games before worrying about where he could play next season. Napoli has two games left before it wraps up its Serie A assignments. They face Inter and Lazio in those two meetings before focusing on the Champions League afterward.

If a deal does not get done, Koulibaly can get a temporary sigh of relief. He is under contract for three more years and prefers to end his career with Napoli. If no deal gets done this summer, things could be different next year. This is assuming that the financial issues of clubs settle down.