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Premier League Football Lines Baffled With Mesut Ozil Status At Emirates Stadium

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Football Lines Baffled With Mesut Ozil Status At Emirates Stadium

Mesut Ozil is a name most will be watching, especially after the season. The 31-year-old has not played a single minute since the football restart, leaving pundits baffled. Premier League football lines are no looking good for the German and most are speculating an abrupt exit. Among those left befuddled is former Gunner Jack Wilshere. He believes that something is going on at Emirates Stadium, wondering why someone of Ozil’s caliber is being kept in cold storage.

Premier League Football Lines drawn for Ozil

As far as Wilshere is concerned, Arsenal is missing out on great talent. He feels that Mesut Ozil would be a perfect compliment to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, making the Gunners all the more dangerous. He should know. This is because he has played alongside the German player during his time and knows what Ozil is capable of.

“Especially with Aubameyang, the type of player he is, you can imagine Ozil sat behind him feeding him balls. It would be unbelievable,” Wilshere said. “It’s obviously something that we don’t know about. I’m sure Arteta has definitely got a plan and he’s putting that into practice.”

Looking at it differently, Wilshere feels that something may be happening over at Emirates Stadium that most may not know about. That could be good or bad. So far, most know that Ozil has been kept out due to a mysterious problem. But Mikel Arteta also claims that it is being down out of tactical reasons. So far that paid off as can be seen in the FA Cup final which the Gunners won over Chelsea F.C.

However, there are claims of it being otherwise. Reports are claiming that Ozil’s laid-back approach is a reason for him being kept in the doghouse and that it will remain that way until he changes. They feel that Ozil is not aligned with the vision of Arteta and this is one of the reasons why he has not seen action since the football restart.

Ozil is the top earner over at Arsenal, earning roughly $444,000 per week. It makes no sense to keep him in the sidelines especially if he is healthy. Despite claims of an alleged back problem, Ozil posted on social media that he is fine and ready to play.


Hence, there may be something direly wrong over at Emirates Stadium and something may go down this summer. Ozil maintains that he plans to play out his contract until 2021. So far, he received offers from other clubs. The most notable of them all is Fenerbahce of the Turkish Super Lig. Ozil reportedly turned down that offer, preferring to stay in Europe instead.

Right now, Ozil could be a problem for Arteta heading into next season. If there are no takers, a plausible move is to loan him to other clubs. Some may second-think doing so because of his high weekly wage. The Gunners could cover part of his salary for it to push through. Arsenal needs all the flexibility they can get for their budget. Unless some club takes Ozil off their hands, a loan spell could be the best option right now.