Premier League Cancellations May Have Done Kepa In For Chelsea

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Premier League Cancellations May Have Done Kepa In For Chelsea

Heading into a crucial match against Wolverhampton, Frank Lampard needs to make sure he goes with the goalkeeper he trusts. Chelsea has been known to have trust issues on who to use but the Blues have decided to go with a familiar face in Willy Caballero. This decision is likely to raise eyebrows, particularly in the summer. It appears Premier League cancellations have not to bode well for Kepa Arrizabalaga with Lampard opting to go with Caballero in their crucial match with the Wolves on Sunday.

At stake this Sunday is a top-four spot for the Blues. However, a win alone will not cut it. Chelsea needs to pray that Manchester United also wins against Leicester City. For Lampard, it appears Caballero can hold the fort better. It is a difficult decision to make and something that can make or break the Blues chances European League chances. As of this writing, the Blues seem to be doing well, having a 2-0 edge over the Wanderers. If they hold on, there are more pressing matters to consider. One of them is the future of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Have Premier League cancellations affected Kepa’s performance?

Throughout the season, it is no secret that Kepa has struggled for the Blues. That led to a change in the goalkeeper position to Willy Caballero. Considering Kepa is the highest-paid goalkeeper, the move was not spared from criticism. Most felt that Lampard was wasting the investment made by Chelsea management. But then again, he needed the best players to carry out his goal. Though he has often stood up for the 25-year-old goalie, it appears that the latest decision will spur further speculation on the Spaniard’s future.

Looking ahead, it would not be surprising if Lampard would stick with Caballero for the rest of the way. Unless Kepa Arrizabalaga finds a way to convince Lampard, Blues fans may have seen the last of the Spanish player. Hence, the next question is will Kepa still be around next season. Some feel that he may be sold or placed on loan. Backing up that claim is that Lampard is looking at candidates to assume the goalkeeping position.

The past days reported Chelsea targeting Jan Oblak of Atletico Madrid. But the problem tied to that is that Oblak can only be acquired if the Blues pay Atletico $150 million. Considering the investments they have made so far, that may be unrealistic. It can be done if they find a way to sell or loan Kepa. It all becomes a money game at this point.


If not Oblak, Chelsea has been linked to other names. Among those in the list of goalkeepers, they are aiming for include Andre Onana of Ajax and Roman Burki of Borussia Dortmund. From the intent alone, it seems pretty clear that Lampard wants a key change at the keeper position. If that holds, the only thing Chelsea can do now is trying to recover some of their previous investment on Kepa. That is likely to be the scenario at the season’s end. Hence, the Spaniard could be on the radar of some other clubs. Valencia CF is reportedly interested in Kepa but on loan. Other teams exploring possibilities with the 25-year-old include Los Che, probably the best option Chelsea may consider.