Some Perturbing Soccer Betting News for Madrid Fans

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Cristiano Ronaldo makes 'irreversible' decision to leave Real Madrid

While the soccer betting fans prepares for the start of the FIFA Confederations Cup this weekend, the community will have to do so while contending with some revealing news.

Earlier this week, reports broke out that Real Madrid’s star striker, Cristiano Ronaldo, was facing litigation due to claims regarding tax evasion. Madrid’s state prosecutor claims that Ronaldo, using an off-shore company, hid portions of his income from tax offices. The allegations claim that the Portuguese player defrauded the Spanish tax office of 14.7 million Euros. That’s a large sum of cash and apparently Spain has become hell-bent on nailing athletes over tax evasion.

Ronaldo on the Run

Ronaldo is currently in Russia, preparing alongside his national team players for the FIFA Confederations cup. That’s something Ronaldo has in common with sports wagering fans. But unlike most online sportsbook players, Ronaldo is facing some pretty serious charges.

This situation brings to mind what happened to Messi, who faced a similar situation regarding tax evasion on image rights. In that case, the lack of clarity led to Messi’s conviction, as well as his fathers. Judging by how that case turned out, it doesn’t seem that history is on Ronaldo’s side.

While Real Madrid has rushed to defend their player, the allegations made by the state are quite precarious. Like Messi, Ronaldo’s tax case involves money the soccer star made from image rights, with the prosecutor claiming that Ronaldo used shell companies to hide income from tax authorities.

The authorities now allege that Ronaldo used an off-shore company called Tollin to keep his income away from tax offices. Additionally, they also claim that the soccer betting star understated his income in his filed tax returns, essentially lying to the government. As aforementioned, they claim that the total Ronaldo saved with these actions was 14.7 million euros, roughly $16.5 million.

Since then, Ronaldo’s agency, Gestifute, has released a public statement saying that using off-shore businesses is a common practice among soccer athletes and that Ronaldo’s intentions were never to be secretive or manipulative, but rather to comply with the full extent of the law.

Cristiano Ronaldo has also issued a statement from his behalf, stating that ‘sometimes the best answer is to be quiet’. Portugal’s own released a picture on his Instagram account depicting Ronaldo in his country’s jersey with his fingers over his mouth, depicting a ‘shh’ motion.

Ronaldo also made some comments to the press following a training session with his country’s team this past Wednesday, saying that he wasn’t worried about the allegations and that he had a ‘clear conscience’.

Since then the narrative has taken an interesting turn. There haven’t been any updates with the litigation, but soccer betting outlets across the globe are reporting that Madrid’s star is now interested in leaving Spain. Reports have come in stating that Ronaldo is looking to depart from Real Madrid this summer.

ESPN reported that privately, Ronaldo feels he is being mistreated by Spanish authorities and that they are looking to make an example out of him due to his status.

On one hand, this makes Ronaldo seem a bit guilty. On the other, he does have a point. Ronaldo’s presence in Madrid increases teams sales profoundly, profiting the Spanish government directly. Why should the Spaniards get a stake in revenue created by Ronaldo’s imaging rights?