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Online Soccer Betting Odds Predict Fierce Finale for UEFA

We’ve got a whiles to go before UEFA online soccer betting kicks off again, but judging from how much jaw-dropping action we saw in the lead up, there’s no uncertainty that this year’s final will be sensational. The UEFA finals will pit Italy’s Serie A Juventus against La Liga’s own Real Madrid in a matchup that will be one for the ages.

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Specifically, the final will be held on June 3rd in Cardiff, Wales to determine who is better suited to being a European Champion. It’s been a long and difficult journey for both teams, with fierce challengers every step of the way. Let’s take a minute to reflect on the online soccer betting challenges both Juventus and Real Madrid have overcome on their road to the Finals.

Juventus’ Road to Cardiff & UEFA Finals

Opponent                                           Results                                                Round

Vs. Sevilla (ESP)                                0-0 Draw                                            Group Stage

At Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)                4-0 Victory                                         Group Stage

At Lyon (FRA)                                  1-0 Victory                                         Group Stage

Vs. Lyon (FRA)                                 1-1 Draw                                            Group Stage

At Sevilla (ESP)                                 3-1 Win                                               Group Stage

Vs. Dinamo Zagreb (CRO)              2-0 Win                                               Group Stage

At Porto (POR)                                 2-0 Win                                               Round of 16

Vs. Porto (POR)                                1-0 Win (3-0 agg.)                              Round of 16

Vs. Barcelona (ESP)                         3-0 Win                                               Quarterfinals

At Barcelona (ESP)                           0-0 Draw (3-0 agg.)                           Quarterfinals

At Monaco (FRA)                             2-0 Win                                               Semifinals

Vs. Monaco (FRA)                            2-1 Win (4-1 agg.)                              Semifinals


One of the most difficult teams that Juventus faced was Barcelona. A 3-0 victory in their first match helped raise the confidence of the Italians, but Barca was just coming off one of the largest surprises of the club’s history. In short, Barcelona was able to overcome a 5-0 aggregate on home turf, and despite allowing a goal in that contest, Barca was still able to get it done in dramatic fashion within the closing minutes. This caused Juventus to rightfully worry, but in the end a near impenetrable performance from Juves’ defense assured that Barca would not score in the second leg, a testament to this club’s defensive capabilities.


Real Madrid’s Road to Cardiff & UEFA Finals

Opponent                                           Results                                                Round

Vs.  Sporting CP (POR)                   2-1 Win                                               Group Stage

At Borussia Dortmund (GER)         2-2 Draw                                            Group Stage

Vs. Legia (POL)                                5-1 Win                                               Group Stage

At Legia (POL)                                  3-3 Draw                                            Group Stage

At Sporting CP (POL)                      2-1 Win                                               Group Stage

Vs. Borussia Dortmund (GER)       2-2 Draw                                            Group Stage

Vs. Napoli (ITA)                                3-1 Win                                               Round of 16

At Napoli (ITA)                                 3-1 Win (6-2 agg.)                              Round of 16

At Bayern Munich (GER)                2-1 Win                                               Quarterfinals

Vs. Bayern Munich (GER)              4-2 a.e.t (6-3 agg.)                              Quarterfinals

Vs. Atletico Madrid                           3-0 Win                                               Semifinals

At Atletico Madrid                            2-1 Loss (4-2 agg.)                             Semifinals


Both Real and Juventus have overcome tremendous difficulties to get thus far. With such impressive resumes behind them, sportsbooks will have a hard time picking one over the other. Let’s take a look at what soccer betting sites have to say about this pairing.

Online Soccer Betting Odds:

Real Madrid PK (-115)         2½ (+130)       +175

Juventus PK (-105)    2½ (-150)        +180

Real Madrid/Juventus Draw +220