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Harry Kane Could Play The Premier League Money Game For A Better Future

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Harry Kane Could Play The Premier League Money Game For A Better Future

Harry Kane seems to be content playing for Tottenham Hotspur. However, there is a chance that the 27-year-old player could move to another club. He could play the Premier League money game and follow what other players have done so far. The most notable of them all is Gareth Bale who moved to Real Madrid in 2013. Former Hotspur Jermaine Jenas predicts this to happen, especially if Tottenham does not head in the right direction.

On the part of Kane, winning trophies and earning big are a given. But of course, he also wants to establish his legacy. At the way things are going for Tottenham right now, Kane’s patience could run out. And if that happens, he could explore the market and join another club that has better chances of winning silverware. If not that, it could be a team where he would be most valuable and play through the remainder of his career.

Premier League Money Game is real for guys like Kane

Except for this year, most clubs have been spending a fortune on players. Harry Kane could get more at some point, one that should ensure his future. But tied up to that is playing for the right team. Tottenham has so far failed to align with the direction of Kane, at least in the yes of Jenas.

“I do feel like it is a similar situation [to Bale]. I love Harry, he’s one of the best strikers in Europe but I also look at his career,” Jenas said.

If not Bale, Kane could follow in the footsteps of Alan Shearer. Shearer made that jump to Newcastle United although it did not win him many trophies. But his efforts did not go unnoticed. He made a name for himself and has become an icon over there.

“I speak to Alan Shearer a lot about the decisions he made in his career and he stands by them and has no regrets, he loves the fact that he played for his boyhood team and what he did for Newcastle and there’s a lot to be respected for that and Harry has a lot of that in him also,” Jenas said.


Jenas believes that at some point, Kane should start thinking about his future too. It may not happen now and some may call it selfish. But if he is in a team that has no plans for improving, such a decision would be understandable. The bottom line is that he plays for a club that he loves, a team he can be proud of.

Looking forward, one thing he needs to do is play wiser. He has struggled through injuries, a reason why Tottenham has been struggling too. He may be one player but he is a crucial one needed at games. Kane ended the 2019-20 campaign with another 24 goals to his name. He now has 188 in 287 appearances for Spurs and more is expected from him in the years to come. This is assuming he successfully keeps himself healthy.