Early Group Stage Betting Sportsbook Analysis (Group A)

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Soccer Early Group Stage Betting

As we dive deeper into the year, online soccer betting players are patiently awaiting the commencement of the 2018 World Cup. The event is set to be held in Russia and although the setting might be a little obscure, that has no effect on our betting sportsbook action. However, the implications have Russia in high spirits. In the history of the tournament, only one host-nation has failed to make the group stage. That was South Africa back in 2010. Furthermore, Russia has a pretty good record of defending the homeland. With that in mind, let’s look over Group A to see what kind of odds Russia has of making the group stage betting lines.

A | Group Stage Betting Preview


Being the host country, Russia was exempt from the qualifying rounds. Nevertheless, Russia has still had plenty of chances to prepare for the World Cup by facing top-level competition. For example, the Russians qualified for Euro 2016 and got to host the Confederations Cup as well. However, they struggled immensely and got eliminated in the group stage with 2 losses from 3 matchups. Likewise, recent friendlies haven’t been too kind on the Russians. Overall, they’ve beaten South Korea, drawn against Spain as well as Iran, and ended up losing versus Argentina in four home games.

Player to Watch: Aleksandr Kokorin

As most online soccer betting fans know, the Russian is having the best season of his career. At the current moment, Kokorin has 17goals to his name; the 3rd best in the Europa League.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has had an up-and-down run in various World Cups. Back in ’94, the Saudis became one of only four Asian countries to reach the knockout stage. But in 2002, Saudi Arabia suffered a devastating 8-0 pummeling by Germany, or Miroslav Klose in particular. All in all, 2006 was their last appearance, which means they break their 12-year drought in 2018. It’s hard to know what to expect from the Saudis, but there are better options to back in this group.


Most group stage betting players will be surprised to see Egypt in Group A, considering that the country has been all but absent in the international soccer stage. Nevertheless, the Egyptians aren’t letting the past hold them back as they’ve erupted as a contender in the 2018 World Cup. However, being still somewhat unproven, we can’t expect too much out of them. That said, what Egypt has been able to accomplish should not be brushed aside so easily. In essence, the country has been able to develop incredible talent; Trezeguet, Ramadan Sobhi, Mohamed Elneny, and Kouka, all around the same time. We’ll have to see if that talent is enough to get them out of the Group Stage.


Most betting sportsbook sites would agree that Uruguay is a pretty hard team to size up. The Uruguayans finished 2nd in the CONMEBOL World Cup qualifying rounds but haven’t been able to maintain that momentum over the last couple of years. This includes two humbling and disappointing results in the previous two Copa America tourneys. That said, no one wants to face Uruguay when they bring their A-game. All things considered, backing Uruguay could lead to some nice parlay and picks payouts.

Sportsbook Prediction

  1. Uruguay
  2. Egypt
  3. Russia
  4. Saudi Arabia

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