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Betting English Premier League Games at BetNow

Betting English Premier League: Have you been looking for a place to bet on the English Premier League? Do you want to get into betting English Premier League matches with the best handicappers? That’s what we offer here at BetNow. Sure, you may have originally come to our site to bet on the Super Bowl, the NBA, or something of that nature. We do a real good job of all that, of course. But, we also make it so that you can bet on all of the English Premier League action that you want, too. 

What separates betting on the 2023 English Premier League at BetNow from the rest? Why, the same factors that separate us from the rest in everything else. For example, we have our top-tier handicappers. There’s a reason that so many other places use the lines, odds, and more that our handicappers make – they’re the very best. Beyond that, we also make it easy to bet, with so many promotions, and a fully-functioning, always-on website, that betting here is always a fun and simple experience. Below are some of the English Premier League matches we have coming up. 

Betting English Premier League: The Best Battling the Worst 

Two teams trending in opposite directions. The team at the top of the standings taking on the team at the bottom. It happens all the time in sports. It’s also one of those bets that when you look at it, it seems like it could be easy money. Bet the favorite, collect your winnings. But, sometimes, it’s not always so easy. That’s true in the English Premier League and anywhere else in sports. We have such a match on Friday, 4/21 when Southampton heads to Arsenal for a pivotal matchup. For both teams. 

For Arsenal, the stakes are high. They’re in first place. They want to stay in first place. One surefire way to make it harder to stay in first place: lose to the team that’s in last place. All the pressure is on Arsenal in this game as they’re playing Southampton in front of their own home fans. Our handicappers see it that way, having Arsenal be a two goal favorite on their pitch. 

By that same token, there’s pressure on Southampton, too. After all, they don’t want to be relegated. If they’re going to make a move to keep that from happening, it sure has to be soon. With only a few games left, if they’re going to match a move, they need a miracle. One thing that would count as a miracle: beating Arsenal on the road. 

How do you see the match going? Our handicappers have Arsenal as a two goal favorite. The over/under is three, so we see it as fairly low-scoring, too. The odds for Southampton are +1485. That’s pretty high. As are the odds for a draw, which we’ve got at +635. What do you think is going to happen? Will Arsenal roll? Or, can Southampton pull off a miracle? 

The Race to Avoid Relegation 

In fact, plenty of the teams that are trying not to be relegated are battling it out this coming weekend. Bright and early on Saturday, Leeds United heads to Fulham. Leeds United isn’t in position to be relegated, but they sure aren’t far off. As of this writing, they’re just two points ahead of Nottingham Forest – not a safe place to be. 

By that same token, Fulham is just hanging out in the middle of the standings. If they want to make a move and finish their season strong, they’ve gotta start stacking wins. To that end, 

They have to beat teams like Leeds United at home. 

All of that having been said, our handicappers see a close one. We’ve got it as a “PK.” In this context, that doesn’t mean “Penalty Kick,” but rather, “Pick ‘em.” As in: “You can pick either team as we see this as very close.” The over/under is 2.5, so these are two evenly matched squads. 

The Battle of the Best All Season Long 

You can find the best English Premier League betting throughout the season right here at our site. From the first goal through the end of the season, we’ve always got the EPL betting you want. Beyond that, we have soccer as well as so many other sports from around the world, too. Good luck to you this weekend, this season, and beyond.