Alexis Sanchez Premier League Football Odds Just Improved With Inter Milan

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Alexis Sanchez Premier League Football Odds Just Improved With Inter Milan

Alexis Sanchez has had a tough season and things don’t appear to be getting any better. Currently on loan from Manchester United, the future of the 31-year-old is up in the air. Once his contract runs out with Inter Milan, the Chilean football player is expected to return to Old Trafford. There will be no new loan extension after the Red Devils announced they were only listening to permanent transfers. Hence, if Inter wants to keep Sanchez, they need to buy him from United. Premier League football odds are divided on this, although Sanchez has been a revelation since the football restart.

Sanchez has had a tough season, leading most to wonder where he could end up this summer. A return to Old Trafford does not look appealing. The best move is to remain with Nerazzuri although the stakes have been raised. Previously, another loan spell would have made sense but United needs to tighten its belts. They are expected to sell off some of its players to raise funds in their pursuit of Jadon Sancho. The Red Devils need to come up with $141 million to land the English winger.

For Inter, a permanent transfer for Alexis Sanchez does not look immediately appealing. Though Sanchez has been turning in good performances since the football restart. However, that may not be enough to convince Inter management to go all out and invest in the football player. Hence, even if Sanchez has found renewed confidence, his run could go for naught unless a permanent deal is in the table.

Premier League football odds of United softening on Sanchez deal

With Inter possibly not too convinced on making a splash on Sanchez, United prefers to recall the football player and offer him to other clubs. But what if no team picks him up? Would this make United soften its stance on a new loan deal for the Chilean booter?

There is a possibility of that happening. However, it will take time. It all depends if United can sell off its other players. Aside from Sanchez, other players on the block include Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, Jesse Lingard, Marcos Rojo and Diogo Dalot. If these players are taken in by other clubs first, Sanchez could be left. Assuming that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has raised enough funds to pluck Sancho from Borussia Dortmund, loaning Sanchez could make sense.

It will be a long wait but the only recourse for now if Inter is not inclined to buy Sanchez from United. It is a gamble on their part. Considering that Nerazzurri is also trying to spend wisely, the only alternative right now is to find someone else to fill in the void. So far, no names have been mentioned.

For United, the decision not to engage in a new loan spell is two-fold. Aside from their chase for Sancho, Inter and Roma could be their opponents looking ahead. Roma could be United’s semi-final opponent in the Europa League, depending on how the matches go. Inter, on the other hand, could be their adversary in the final. It may be a tactical move on their part. Hence, upping the stakes for Sanchez and Smalling do make sense.