5 Soccer Betting Keys that will Determine UEFA’s Champion

Posted by: Mike Davis
UEFA Champion League FInals Betting – Juventus vs. Real Madrid – Saturday, June 3rd

This year’s UEFA online soccer betting championship will pin two of Europe’s most storied and prosperous franchises, Juventus and Real Madrid. It’s not the first time these two have crossed each other’s path and just like in years prior, most sports betting websites are expecting this matchup to be one for the ages.

UEFA Championship – Juventus vs. Real Madrid – Saturday, June 3rd

When: 2:45 pm ET

Where: National Stadium of Wales; Cardiff Arms Park, Cardiff

TV: Fox Sports

Stream: Fox Sports Live

Online Soccer Betting Odds:

Juventus         PK (+103)       2 ½ (-149)       +201

Real Madrid PK (-117)         2 ½ (+134)      +173

Real Madrid/Juventus Draw +214

A quick glance at sportsbook lines will reveal how close this matchup truly is and how unpredictable its outcome will be. And while the final score may be unforeseeable, there are quite a few factors that will determine the result. Here are 5 matchups that will play a deciding hand in this year’s UEFA Championship.

No. 5 – Midfield’s Battle of the Trenches

Both Juventus and Real Madrid are driven by their midfield. While it’s not unusual for them to lineup in different formations, there’s no denying that midfielders are the engines behind both teams’ success. For Madrid, it’s Toni Kroos and Luka Modric that propel this team to victory. For the Italians, it’s Miralem Pjanic and Sami Khedira.

These two pairs will engage in all-out war come game day, and whoever wins this matchup will likely end up winning the game.

No. 4 – Paulo Dybala vs. Sergio Ramos

Ramos has been praised all online soccer betting season for outstanding play at the heart of Madrid’s defense. Now Ramos will get an opportunity to truly shine as his biggest challenge lies ahead. In addition to having to defend Madrid from former teammate Gonzalo Higuain, he’ll also have to find a way to stop Paulo Dybala.

Dybala’s ‘free-range’ approach makes him a hard man to cover. He has a tendency to drift and move around that makes him both unpredictable and dangerous. Nevertheless, it’s up to Ramos to stop this imminent threat.

No. 3 – Zidane vs. Allegri

Two of the brightest minds in soccer will go to head. Zinedine Zidane and Max Allegri are both Italian-educated masterminds on the pitch, and seeing both try to outwit each other will prove thrilling to say the least. No doubt both will have a few surprises up their sleeve, providing a perfect finish to this year’s UEFA Championship.

No. 2 – Marcelo vs. Dani Alves

This matchup will prove to be a one of the most crucial in the game. With both players having wing-assignments, this matchup will play a vital part in the final score of the game. With Dani Alves having played on Barcelona, and with both players being Brazilian and having played for the national team, it’s safe to say that both Marcelo and Alves know each other very well. We’ll just have to see who can use that knowledge to their advantage come Saturday.

No. 1 – Leonardo Bonucci vs. Cristiano Ronaldo

The online soccer betting matchup to keep an eye out for, it is up to Leonardo Bonucci to tranquilize Madrid’s biggest offensive threat. Bonucci has shown brightly thus far into the UEFA championship, but it’s no understatement to say that he hasn’t faced a challenge like Ronaldo. The Portuguese’s speed, handling, and presence make him a near unstoppable threat.