Will Sportsbook Fans Witness the Fall of a Hallmark?

Posted by: Mike Davis
Will Sportsbook Fans Witness the Fall of a Hallmark

There’s no doubt that we’re living in one of the most interesting times in human history. With a president more invested in social media than ever before, it’s clear to all members of the online hockey betting community that anything is possible. Trump may be dedicated to building up barriers, but there’s no doubt that in 2017 we’ll see plenty of things fall apart, including the Detroit Red Wings’ long-standing playoff-appearance sportsbook streak.

Anyone’s who has bet on NHL games in the last quarter-century knows that the Detroit Red Wings haven’t missed out on the postseason in 25 years – straight. During that tenure the highest Detroit has ever drafted was 15th overall in 2014 when the organization decided to pick up Dylan Larkin. Additionally, the Red Wings went 10 years in that timespan without a first-round draft pick.

Out of the 4 major North American sports league, the Red Wings are the proud owners of the longest-active playoff-appearance streak. Unfortunately for Detroit fans, it seems that that online hockey betting streak is dangerously close to coming to an end.

Heading into the sportsbook All-Star break, the Wings are uncharacteristically sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Division. So far Detroit has competed in 49 games and throughout that time the Red Wings have only been able to pick up 20 wins and 9 overtime losses yielding them 49 points. 49 points is enough to tie them with the Buffalo Sabres for last place in the Atlantic, someplace Detroit is not used to being.

There are 33 games left on Detroit’s schedule, which means that there is a maximum of 66 points available for the Red Wings to scoop up. But given how poorly the Red Wings have been playing this season, it’s hard to imagine them mounting a successful winning streak.

As most online hockey betting fans know, there are two possible ways for the Red Wings to secure a playoff seeding; earning one of the top three seeds in the Atlantic Division, or earning one of the three Wild Card berths from the Eastern Conference. Looking over the current rankings, both possibilities seem out of reach.

The Atlantic is currently led by the Montreal Canadiens who have racked up 65 points so far this season, tying them for 4th most in the NHL. Behind the Canadiens are the Ottawa Senators who have earned 58 points this season and are 7 points away from tying the Canadiens. Behind Ottawa are the Boston Bruins and their total of 56 points. With those figures in mind, the Red Wings would need to gain 7 points to reach the Bruins, and 16 to take the lead in the Atlantic. Needless to say, it seems more logical to expect the Red Wings to fall further behind than to close that nearly insurmountable lead.

But looking over how competitive the Metropolitan Division has been this sportsbook season, it might be even harder for Detroit to snag a Wild Card spot. The New York Rangers – who are 4th in the Metropolitan – have 63 points so far this season, more than 7 teams in the Atlantic. Behind the Rangers are the Flyers with 56 – more points than 5 of the teams in the Atlantic. So, since the 4th and 5th ranking teams have more points than the bottom 5 teams in the Atlantic, it seems all but certain that the Metropolitan will claim both Wild Card spots from the East. In doing so, the East will guarantee that the Red Wings hallowed streak comes to an end in 2017.