Vesey Gives Buffalo the Cold Shoulder

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Jimmy Vesey Gives Buffalo the Cold Shoulder

The NHL season may be a few months off but that doesn’t mean that hockey betting has stopped. The futures lines are as primed as ever and right now is a perfect time for fans to begin soaking up as much NHL news in order to make the best possible prediction. While many teams are making offseason transactions in order to beef up their roster before the start of the season it seems the Buffalo Sabres are more interested in selling seats.

The latest announcement out of Buffalo is that the organization is teaming up with Qcue in an effort to help fill stadiums. In recent years some NHL teams have struggled to fill seats but this is generally seen in teams that are located in the south. Either way the Sabres are committed to offering their seats at the best possible fee by teaming up with the dynamic pricing company. As their website states “Qcue is the premier dynamic pricing software for sports & entertainment tickets” and will indubitably help Buffalo fill seats and rake in profits. The company categorizes games into three pricing tiers determined by the opponent, what day the game is, and what time of the year. Other things are thrown into the equations such as the playoff implications of games, classic rivalries, or games against the NHL’s stars. There’s no arguing that dynamic pricing is much better than fixed pricing, but as hockey betting fans know, the best way to fill seats is by winning games.

A big part of the Sabres 2016-17 strategy revolved around successfully signing Jimmy Vesey, the player whose rights they traded for earlier this season. However, Vesey was adamant about hitting the market and testing the waters. While many thought Buffalo was still in contention for singing the free agent it seems that Vesey had other plans in mind. Vesey ended up signing with the Sabres New York rival, the Rangers. With the young star out of the equation Buffalo has no other option but to prepare for the future without Vesey.

Those who bet on sports know that the Sabres are coming off a disappointing season. In fact disappointing is the best way to describe Buffalo’s performance in the last 5 years; you’d have to go back to 2010 to find a Sabres team that qualified for the playoffs. Last season may have been an improvement from 2014, but that’s only because Buffalo went 23-51-8 in that year. It’d be much tougher to worsen that record than it would be to improve.

Last season Buffalo went 35-36-11 to place 7th in the Atlantic Division and 14th in the Eastern Conference. Buffalo has spent the last several years rebuilding but their greatest acquisition came this offseason when they were able to sign Kyle Okposo during free agency. Okposo scored 22 goals and 42 assists for the New York Islanders last season and is a welcomed addition to this Buffalo team that only scored 81 points last season. Okposo was a great addition on offense and to help secure the defense the Sabres traded for defenseman Dmitry Kulikov. These additions should be enough to help Buffalo make the playoffs, but not enough for the hockey betting odds to favor them. The Sabres currently sit at +6050 odds to win the Stanley Cup.