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What do Sportsbooks think about the Stanley Cup?

As the season inches near its inevitable conclusion, the online hockey betting picture becomes clearer and clearer. Teams are trying to cement themselves in the top-3 of their division, and those who fall short of that measure have their eye on the Wild Card. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty of uncertainty left in this year’s season to make a future sportsbook prediction both a profitable and worthwhile affair.

Last year, those who bet on NHL witnessed the Pittsburgh Penguins win the Cup in 6 games. Interestingly enough, the ‘Guins were the only ones who were able to win their title match in a defiant manner. All of the other major sports leagues in North America featured a devastating upset.

The NBA Finals saw the Golden State Warriors cruise their way to a 3-1 lead over the Cavaliers, only to have Cleveland comeback and win in the most dramatic of fashions. Additionally, 2016’s World Series featured a very similar, equally as unexpected finale; the Indians sailed to a 3-1 lead before crumbling to the Chicago Cubs. And most currently, the Atlanta Falcons blew a 25-point lead to allow the New England Patriots to deliver the largest comeback in Super Bowl history.

So, amongst all these upsets, the Penguins stand alone as the only professional able to hold onto their lead. While their Stanley Cup victory might not have been as historic as the other title fights we’ve seen recently, it nevertheless is equally as valid.

But enough about the past, sportsbook fans are infinitely more concerned about how this season will turn out. We’ve already passed two-thirds of the schedule, so let’s see what the bookies are predicting for the final stretch of the season.


Anaheim Ducks +2025

Boston Bruins +4550

Buffalo Sabers +10000

Calgary Flames +3350

Carolina Hurricanes +10000

Chicago Blackhawks +730

Colorado Avalanche +65500

Columbus Blue Jackets +1025

Dallas Stars +5050

Detroit Red Wings +15000

Edmonton Oilers +2225

Florida Panthers +5550

Los Angeles Kings +3050

Minnesota Wild +530

Montreal Canadiens +1025

Nashville Predators +2550

New Jersey Devils +25000

New York Islanders +15000

New York Rangers +1425

Ottawa Senators +3350

Philadelphia Flyers +5050

Arizona Coyotes +65250

Pittsburgh Penguins +1025

St. Louis Blues +2850

San Jose Sharks +1625

Tampa Bay Lightning +5050

Toronto Maple Leafs +4050

Vancouver Canucks +6650

Washington Capitals +610

Winnipeg Jets     +6650

The Washington Capitals may be leading the NHL with their 80 points but that’s still not enough to convince online hockey betting sites that the Caps will go all the way this season. Instead, from what they’ve seen this season, sportsbooks are thinking that the Minnesota Wild have the best chances of all 30 teams in the NHL.

After competing in 52 games, the Wild have amassed 75 points, 5 points less than the Capitals, but then again Washington has played in 2 more games.

Interestingly enough, the reigning Stanley Cup champions have failed to secure even the third best odds – that honor goes to the Chicago Blackhawks, of the league. The NHL hasn’t seen a team win back-to-back championships in nearly 30 years but Pittsburgh will do their best to snap that streak in 2017.