Sportsbooks Dislike Toronto’s & Devils’ Playoff Chances

Posted by: Mike Davis
New Jersey Devils vs Toronto Maple Leafs

Now that we’ve entered the New Year the online NHL betting playoffs are less than 4 months away and sportsbook fans couldn’t be happier. Plenty of teams will be vying to earn themselves a spot in the playoffs and who will actually qualify for the postseason is still a tad bit uncertain. The Montreal Canadiens have earned themselves a comfy 8-point lead in the Atlantic Division and currently own the largest lead in the entire NHL. Having missed out on the playoffs last season, the Canadiens are one of many teams looking to have their postseason drought snapped. But unlike Montreal – who currently lead their division, many of those teams’ playoff aspirations aren’t as grandiose. Two teams included in that lot that will soon have to go head to head to determine who better deserves a playoff spot are the New Jersey Devils and Toronto Maple Leafs. If there’s any doubt as to how poor these teams’ playoff hopes are, just a look at the less than optimistic odds they face on the futures hockey betting lines.

NHL ODDS – ODDS TO WIN STANLEY CUP – Wednesday, January 4th

New Jersey Devils +20000

Toronto Maple Leafs +6650

Of the two teams, the Devils are the one least favored by NHL sportsbooks. Looking over their recent postseason success, it’s clear that New Jersey might be facing such staggering odds due to missing out on the playoffs for 4-straight years. Last season, the Devils posted an 38-36-8 record netting them 84 points for the year, but that was still not quite enough to earn the Devs a spot in the postseason. If the season ended today New Jersey would once again be absent from the playoffs, due to having a 16-16-7 record. Right now Jersey’s team has 39 points, which earns them the 7th place ranking in the Metropolitan Division. Online NHL betting fans would agree that the Devils aren’t currently playoff bound.

On the other hand, the Maple Leafs might be a little bit better off. After delivering a pitiful 29-42-11 performance that yielded just 69 points last year, Toronto has made some headway into making the 2016-17 season a turnaround. As of right now, the Maple Leafs own a 17-12-8 record as well as the 4th place spot in the Atlantic Division thanks to their 42 points. 42 points might be enough for a 4th place finish the Atlantic, but it won’t be enough to clinch the final two playoff berths of the Eastern Conference. The top 5 spots of the Metropolitan Division currently have more points than Toronto. So if the Maple Leafs are looking to end their current 3-year postseason drought, they better step it up a notch.

New Jersey has played only two more games than Toronto this season, yet has 4 more losses on their record. That, combined with their rankings, will likely force sportsbooks to favor the Devils in their upcoming contest with Toronto. On Friday, January 6th, the Leafs will be making the journey down to New Jersey to face off at the Prudential Center. The online NHL betting odds may not have much to say about this contest, but considering how badly both these teams want to make the playoffs; this one might turn out to be better than expected.