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Penguins Looking For A Quick 2-0 Sports Wagering Lead

To kick off this sports wagering week, the Stanley Cup Finals began their series this past Monday night. In Game 1, the Pittsburgh Penguins were enjoying home field advantage and the Pens didn’t let the benefit that the black and gold decked out stadium provides go to waste.

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Recap

The final score of Game 1 read 5-3 but in truth the contest was much closer than that. The Penguins managed to jump to an early game 3-0 lead. However, Pittsburgh was unable to keep their foot on the neck of the Predators as Nashville forced their way back into the mix of things.

The first quarter was all Pittsburgh, but after their 3-0 rise it was clear that the momentum had shifted back in Nashville’s direction. The Predators seemed faster, sharper, and just all around better. Nevertheless, the Penguins were once again able to prove what makes them the Penguins: an uncanny ability to find a way to win no matter the sports wagering circumstance.

Now Nashville will try to knock a seemingly unbeatable opponent in Game 2 this upcoming Wednesday. A one-day rest might not be enough for such gigantic task. Let’s take a look at what the sportsbook lines are predicting for Game 2.

Game 2 – Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins – Wed., May 31st

When: 8:00 pm ET

Where: PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh

Series: Penguins Lead 1-0


Stream: NBC Sports

Hockey Playoff Odds:

Nashville Predators TBP

Pittsburgh Penguins TBP


Nashville Predators

The hockey playoff odds have yet to be released for this matchup, but it’s a sports wagering certainty that the Penguins will enter as the favorites. Nevertheless, the Predators seemed extremely strong for short bursts in Game 1, proving that this team is more than capable of competing with the Penguins.

Most of Nashville’s hopes hang on the shoulders of Pekka Rinne, the Preds’ goalkeeper who is inarguably the best keeper in the playoffs and the prime reason that the Predators are competing for the Cup. In Game 1, for 37 whole minutes, Rinne managed to completely shutout the Penguins. Meanwhile, the Predators managed to outshoot the Penguins 26-12 in that tenure. If Nashville can stay that hot for the entire length of Game 2, there’s no way the Penguins will be able to come out on top, even if they are a near insurmountable contender.

Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins will be looking for a cleaner victory in Game 2.

“It’s not textbook,” Pittsburgh’s captain, Sidney Crosby, stated after the team’s Game 1 victory. “We’ve got some things we need to improve on.”

Crosby posted 2 assists in Game 1 but still felt that there was plenty for the team to improve on. Specifically, not letting their opponent crawl back into the game would’ve been an ideal scenario.

But it wouldn’t be surprising to see Pittsburgh having an easier time in Game 2. The squad has already seen what Nashville is capable of and will be coming into Wednesday’s matchup with a little more respect. Throw in the fact that the Preds will be feeling the pressure of conceding Game 1, and the Penguins look like the clear hockey playoff odd’s favorite.