No More Miracles Ice

Posted by: Mariela Miranda
No More Miracles Ice

Anybody who is a fan of online NHL betting has a clear memory of the Miracle on Ice. Oftentimes considered to be the greatest upset in the history of sports, the Miracle on Ice holds a special place in the heart of hockey fans, especially those who hail from the United States.

After the Soviet Union, one of the deadliest regimes in human history, had won the gold medal in six of the last seven Winter Olympic Games, most NHL sportsbooks had the Russians pegged as the clear winners of the 1980 Winter Games. The Russians were coming in with a team primarily made up of professional players with a considerable amount of experience in international play. The US team, by comparison, was made up entirely of amateur and collegiate players, thus making them the youngest team in the tournament and by extension the youngest team in US national team history. In the group stage, both the Soviet and US teams went undefeated, making their first game in the medal round the most anticipated match of the Winter Games.

Of course most online NHL betting fans will remember how their fateful contest would end. The Soviets came in as the favorites and gained a 3-2 lead in the second period. But in the third the US team bounced back, scoring two more goals to take their first lead of the game. In the end the final score would read 4-3 and the US achieved a dramatic victory over their Cold War rival. Following the match, the US went on to claim the gold medal by defeating Finland in the final match of the tournament. The Soviet Union went on to take silver, further cementing this contest as the greatest international ice hockey story of the past 100 years. By the look of things, the Miracle on Ice might never be surpassed. Not because of a lack of competition, but rather because of the NHL’s unwillingness to allow their players to compete in the Winter Olympic Games.

Obviously this would be a huge blow to both the fans and hockey betting sites that look forward to the Winter Games. From the NHL’s point of view, being the business that it is, all that matters are the profits. Recently, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman discussed publically the feeling amongst team owners that competing in the Olympics isn’t profitable enough for the league.

“I think after doing five of these, I don’t know, fatigue might be a word (to describe it),” Bettman elaborated on the owners’ reactions. “The ultimate impact it had on the game worldwide was negligible. I think our constituents have become increasingly negative toward the Olympic experience. I think that’s fair to say.”
This might not be what online NHL betting fans wanted to hear but it sounds like the NHL-Olympic days might be a thing of the past.