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NHL Update: Sami Niku Moves to the Canadiens, Stanford Traded to Senators

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
NHL Update Sami Niku Moves to the Canadiens Stanford Traded to Senators

The NHL 2021-22 season is not too far away as teams get ready to battle in an exciting and new season. The preseason has already taken its course and the first game for the 2021-22 season will take place on October 13, with the Tampa Bay Lightning taking on the Pittsburgh Penguins. While this seems to be the right time for new changes, the Montreal Canadiens have made a move on acquiring Sami Niku. Several other teams have made a couple of changes and bettors have already started to place bets on the preseason games.

Sami Niku’s Contract Extends to $750,000

Montreal Canadiens have signed Sami Niku for a one-year two-way contract. The contract extends to $750,000 with a guaranteed salary of $475,000. In the AHL, the cap for Niku is $425,000. The defensemen will now wear the Canadiens jersey and are all set to take him positing for the regular season. Niku had limited action with the Winnipeg Jets last season after playing just six games. The 24-year-old player will hope for the best as his prime is going to begin. Niku won the Eddie Shore Award at the AHL as the top defenseman.

Ottawa Senators Acquire Sanford  

The Ottawa Senators have made an important deal during this preseason as they acquired Zach Sanford. Sanford will be on his way from St. Louis Blues to the Senators after they receive their fourth-round pick in 2022. The Blues had a conditional NHL Draft in a swap of forward players. Logan Brown will now wear the Blues jersey and both teams are satisfied with their new change. This will bring a good opportunity for the Senators and the Blues. Sanford held a record of 16-10-6 in 52 games for the Blues last season. The 26-year-old forward signed a $2 million contract with the Blues last month.

St. Louis Blues gets Logan Brown

The deal is sealed as Brown gets to play center and left-wing for the Blues in the upcoming season. Logan Brown is a powerful player and his addition will prove beneficial for the Blues. Brown did not score for the Blues last season but he has a personal connection with the team since he played minor league hockey in St. Louis Indiana. Brown did well to contribute nine points, two goals, and seven assists with Belleville in the AHL.

Brown was selected by Ottawa in the 2016 No. 11 NHL Draft pick. This is a fresh start for Brown and Sanford as they look forward to building their career with their new team. Montreal Canadiens are certainly happy with Niku on their team and the NHL betting picks will soon be up and running as the regular season takes place. The Tampa Bay Lightning will play against the Pittsburgh Penguins in the first game while Vegas Golden Knights take on Seattle Kraken.