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NHL Betting is Coming to Sin City!

Good news for sports betting and NHL Betting in particular, the NHL has taken a progressive and valiant stance and they are open to having a franchise in Las Vegas. In an announcement that will send shockwaves onto other sports, the National Hockey League settled on Las Vegas as their choice for a new expansion team this season. This will come as wonderful news for all those who bet on hockey. Now is up to the organizers to cough up a $500 million fee.

While it is not quite a done deal, experts and insiders around the league have stated that the move is as good as done. On June 22nd the NHL’s board of governors is scheduled to hold a voting regarding this matter. In order for Las Vegas to get their hockey team, the motion must be approved by at least two thirds of the board, and sources close to the league say this recommendation will pass almost unanimously.

The choice to bring a major professional sport to the City of Sin, proves to be a step into a more progressive and mature stance towards sports betting. This movement to include a major market like Las Vegas into pro sports is a step into the right direction. The NFL is still analyzing the possibility of allowing the Raiders set up shop there and the NBA is also considering the possibility. But, in a surprising turn of events it was the NHL who took the courageous first step.

However not everybody is happy about the decision, as Quebec was the other option for the new expansion. The city with a long hockey tradition, offered a traditional and interesting market for the NHL, but unfortunately for them, the lure of the Las Vegas market with the bright lights and active lifestyle, promises to be a logical step. NHL betting fans all over the world know that the silver lining of this decision means that there is a major sport that is open to the eventual legalization of gambling.

Granted, a hockey team will be attractive, but the city’s biggest goal is to bring the NFL as well. The regular season in the NHL will see team play at least 42 games at home, that’s not counting a possible postseason run. An NFL team would see 8 home games during the regular season, with probably 2 more during the preseason and not counting the playoffs or the possibility of hosting the Super Bowl. The debate and controversy of bringing the NFL to Las Vegas got a big push by the National Hockey League, of all places.

The possible new NHL Las Vegas franchise will be unveiled in the coming months and it will be introduced into competition for the 2017-2018 season. Until then, the NHL betting world waits for further developments as the league makes it official. This move will prove to be historic and perhaps one step closer to a more lenient and flexible position towards sports betting. As hockey fans that bet on NHL games, we are very excited!