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Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes Online Hockey Betting Breakdown

Posted by: Mike Davis
Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes - Online Hockey Betting Odds - Tuesday, February 13

The 2018 online hockey betting season continues this evening with a riveting Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes matchup. Both teams are having more than enough struggles at the moment and both are doing their best to make the playoff cut at the top of their respective divisions. Let’s take a look at what kind of turnout the teaser sports betting lines are predicting for this Tuesday night pairing.

Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes – Tuesday, Feb. 13th

When: 7:00 pm ET

Where: PNC Arena, Raleigh, North Carolina

TV: Local Broadcasts

Stream: NHL TV

Online Hockey Betting Lines:

Los Angeles Kings +1 ½ (-265)         5 ½ (+115)      +120

Carolina Hurricanes -1 ½ (+225)     5 ½ (-135)       -140

Los Angeles Kings

The Kings march into this inter-conference pairing flashing a 30-20-5 record that ranks them 4th in the Pacific Division. At the current moment, the Vegas Golden Knights lead the Pacific Division with 76-points. Since Los Angeles is sitting on 65-points on the year, they’re currently 11-points behind the leaders of the Pacific. However, the Kings only need to crack the top 3 to make the postseason cut. And since they’re only 1-point behind the 3rd-place Calgary Flames, the Kings could very well take the No. 3 spot in the Pacific this evening. Granted, they’ll need a road win to do so, something top sportsbook betting lines don’t think will happen. Los Angeles will also need the Flames to fall short against the Boston Bruins this evening, which could very well happen considering Boston is No. 2 in the Atlantic.

Surprisingly enough, the stats really favor Los Angeles this evening. Specifically, the Kings’ 2nd ranked defense and 2nd ranked penalty kill percentage are leagues ahead of where Carolina ranks in both those categories; 18th and 17th respectively. Likewise, the Kings also take the cake in offense since they’re ranked 18th in the NHL in scoring while the Hurricanes rank 25th in that same category. All in all, it’s pretty clear that the Kings are the ones that have the upper hand this evening, despite what the odds might say.

Carolina Hurricanes

The Carolina Hurricanes fly into this Tuesday night matchup sporting a 26-21-9 record that ranks them as the 5th best team in the Metropolitan Division. Presently, the Washington Capitals lead the Met with 70-points on the year. That places Carolina and their 61-points on the season a total of 9-points behind the Caps. On the other hand, the Hurricanes will only need 5 more points to beat the Flyers for the No. 3 spot in the division. It seems unlikely that the Hurricanes will get that any time soon however, especially since they’re 2-3 in their last 5 contests. Notwithstanding that slump, it seems that the online hockey betting lines favor the home team this evening. Should bettors agree and take the home team in this Los Angeles Kings vs. Carolina Hurricanes matchup?

All things considered, taking the Kings on the upset line seems like the better option this evening. The Hurricanes haven’t been that great lately and are at a significant statistical disadvantage as well. On top of that, the odds available on the Kings makes taking them all that more appealing.