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Looking Ahead to 2017’s Online NHL Betting Playoffs

The online NHL betting playoffs are almost upon us and things are starting to get hectic around the league, well at least everywhere except the Western Conference. Five teams have already clinched spots in this year’s postseason, and it won’t be long until the final two Wild Card berths are cemented. But the East offers a much more heated, complicated affair, with 5 teams each competing with each other for a Wild Card berth.

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Here is what the Stanley Cup playoffs currently look like, accounting for Wednesday, March 29’s round of online NHL betting action:

Eastern Conference

X – Clinched playoff berth

Atlantic Division

Montreal Canadiens (95 points)

Ottawa Senators (91)

Toronto Maple Leafs (87)

Metropolitan Division

Washington Capitals (110) X

Columbus Blue Jackets (105) X

Pittsburgh Penguins (103) X

Wild Card

New York Rangers (97) X

Boston Bruins (86)

In the Hunt

Tampa Bay Lightning (83)

New York Islanders (82)

Carolina Hurricanes (82)

Philadelphia Flyers (80)

Western Conference

Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks (105) X

Minnesota Wild (96) X

St. Louis Blues (90) X

Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks (95) X

San Jose Sharks (93) X

Edmonton Oilers (93) X

Wild Card


Barring any major changes in the current division rankings, the league’s first round of online NHL betting playoffs will look like the following:

Round 1 Pairings

Atlantic Division

No. 1 Montreal Canadiens vs. Wild Card1 New York Rangers

No. 2 Ottawa Senators vs. No. 3 Toronto Maple Leafs

Metropolitan Division

No. 1 Washington Capitals vs. Wild Card2 Boston Bruins

No. 2 Columbus Blue Jackets vs. No. 3 Pittsburgh Penguins

Central Division

No. 1 Chicago Blackhawks vs. Wild Card2 Nashville Predators

No. 2 Minnesota Wild vs. No. 3 St. Louis Blues

Pacific Division

No. 1 Anaheim Ducks vs. Wild Card1 Calgary Flames

No. 2 San Jose Sharks vs. No. 3 Edmonton Oilers

This year’s postseason schedule has drawn a lot of heat due to the fact that it pits the best three teams in the NHL against each other in the opening round. The Washington Capitals, Columbus Blue Jackets, and Pittsburgh Penguins all have more points than the rest of the NHL, except the Blackhawks who have amassed 105.

Those who bet on NHL will likely agree that this scheduling might result in an anticlimactic finish to this year’s postseason. We’d all like to see the best teams in the league compete for all the marbles, but it looks like most of the talent in this year’s playoffs will be eliminated rather early.

The specifics could get warped a bit in the coming days as teams vie to pass each other in the rankings. Here are the most important games for Thursday afternoon.

Thursday’s Vital Matchups

NY Islanders vs. Philadelphia || 7 pm ET

Columbus vs. Carolina || 7 pm ET

Toronto vs. Nashville || 8 pm ET

Ottawa vs. Minnesota || 8 pm ET

San Jose vs. Edmonton || 9 pm ET