A Look at Pittsburgh’s NHL Betting Repeat

Posted by: Mike Davis
Pittsburgh Penguins became the first team in twenty-years to win consecutive titles in the National Hockey League

The NHL betting season has officially come to a close as the Pittsburgh Penguins became the first team in twenty-years to win consecutive titles in the National Hockey League. Their journey instantly became solidified in history and it all began last year, while they were still celebrating their second Stanley Cup triumph in less than ten years.

A Tale of Two Seasons

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been casting their shadow over the NHL for close to a decade now. A big part of that success had to do with the Penguins picking Sidney Crosby in the 2005 Draft Lottery. Crosby is one of the league’s most decorated superstars and now that Pittsburgh has won back-to-back titles, Crosby is unanimously considered an all-time great. But Crosby would not have been able to lead the ‘Guins to consecutive sports betting titles had it not been for last year’s Stanley Cup run.

The tale of Pittsburgh’s 2015-16 Stanley Cup run began on December 12th, when the organization decided to fire then head Coach Mike Johnston. Johnston had led the Penguins to a lackluster 15-10-3 record, which prompted the franchise to seek aid from another Mike. Mike Sullivan, who was head coach of the Penguins’ AHL affiliate at the time, stepped up to fill the NHL betting roll.

With Sullivan at the helm, Pittsburgh was able to make their 10th straight postseason appearance. They finished 2nd overall in the Metropolitan Division thanks to their 104 points and kicked off the postseason by facing the New York Rangers – who had eliminated the Penguins the last two seasons consecutively.

Pittsburgh ended up advancing past the Rangers in 5 and past the Washington Capitals, in the second round, in 6. From there the Penguins faced their toughest matchup of the 2016 playoffs, the Tampa Bay Lightning who managed the stretch the series to a full 7.

In last year’s Stanley Cup Finals, the Penguins were able to overcome the San Jose Sharks in 6, sending the team on a journey that culminated with the Cup’s return to Pittsburgh once more. And this time, they wouldn’t need any changes to get there.

This season, the Penguins managed to post 50-21-11 record, which was a step up from what they finished with the year before. Nevertheless, Pittsburgh would go on to finish 2nd in the Metropolitan once again. However, the real challenge began in the playoffs, where both the Washington Capitals and Ottawa Senators extended the series to 7. The hockey playoff odds stuck with the Penguins, and Pittsburgh didn’t fail to disappoint.

Is a 3-Peat Viable?

With Pittsburgh’s recent NHL betting success right in our faces, most players will be wondering if the Penguins can win it again next year. Right around this time last year, bettors were left pondering a similar question.      Now it’s clear that the Penguins were more than capable of overcoming the gruesome, lengthier schedule. Will they be able to do it again in 2018?