Jaromir Jagr Closing in On NHL Betting Record

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Jaromir Jagr Closing in On NHL Betting Record

No one likes record-setting performances quite like the online NHL betting community. There’s just something magnificent about witnessing greatness firsthand that excites fans like so few things can. But its human nature, being able to spectate an event that will go down in history is not something that happens every day. That’s why when someone sets a record it is indeed appropriate for the fans and media alike to take the time to one, congratulate the athlete, and two, commemorate the infrequent occasion.

One player who is closing in on making history is Jaromir Jagr. Online NHL betting fans should be fairly familiar with the Czech hockey player, as he’s been making a name for himself ever since he joined the NHL back in 1990. Jagr made his presence felt within the league immediately, and the young star helped the Penguins win back to back titles in 1991 and 1992 (something that is extremely difficult to accomplish in the NHL). Jagr has enjoyed a tremendous amount of success throughout his career, so it’s only natural the Czech star has garnered a long list of accomplishments. Jagr holds more NHL records than one can care to count, and he’s also set franchise records for the various clubs he has played for throughout his career. Although his accomplishments on the ice are innumerable, Jagr is notorious for his deeds off the rink as well.

Jagr has gained notoriety for several humorous events. Aside from being blackmailed for a morning after selfie, Jagr has also made headlines for his crippling gambling addiction. Although the hockey star has vehemently denied any problems, at one point his debts did become public and became subject to scrutiny.

While his off-the-ice issues might seem humorous for some fans, Jagr’s abilities on the ice are no laughing matter. On Thursday, the 44-year old Czech right wing scored his 750th NHL goal against one of his former teams, the Washington Capitals. Currently Jagr finds himself amongst the Florida Panthers roster and with that goal, Jagr finds himself in third place on the NHL’s all-time goals list. Longtime online NHL betting fans will recognize the two names above Jagr’s; Canadian legend Wayne Gretzky holds the record at 894 followed by the late Gordie Howe who has 801.

Even though Jagr is zeroing in on second place, the veteran player might have already taken the spot had it not been for the three seasons Jagr spent in the Russian-based Kontinental Hockey League. From 2008-2011 Jagr played for the KHL, which is more than a considerable amount of time to account for, for someone setting records within the NHL. Also, three of Jagr’s 23 NHL seasons were cut short due to disputes between club owners and their athletes. All we can do is speculate as to how many goals Jagr would’ve had, had it not been for those mishaps.

Last year Jagr led the Panthers in scoring with 66 points. With Jagr on the team, most football betting sites will give Florida better odds. All that remains now is to see if the veteran can win another Stanley Cup, or perhaps even make it to the #2 spot in the NHL’s all-time goal list.