Hockey Betting Sites come out in Favor of Toronto

Posted by: Mike Davis
Maple Leafs vs Red Wings

There’s no denying that a bet on NHL games is best spent on a rivalry. The NHL, being the oldest of the 4 major North American sports leagues, has the oldest and arguably best rivalries to offer. Of the many rivalries the Original Six berthed, none can quite match the allure of the rivalry between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings. Putting the Bruins and Canadiens aside, no other NHL teams have faced each other more times in the postseason (23), and the proximity between the two cities (330 kilometers apart) only adds fuel to what is already a blazing fire. With so much history between both franchises, whenever they face each other is always a cause for a sportsbook celebration.

To highlight Wednesday night’s NHL action, the Toronto Maple Leafs will make the short trip to the Motor City to face off with the Red Wings in order to add another spicy chapter to their storied history. Let’s check what most hockey betting sites have to say about this contest to see which rival has the upper hand.


Toronto Maple Leafs   -1½ (+220)          5½ (EV)          -130
Detroit Red Wings      +1½ (-260)           5½ (-120)        +110

Unsurprisingly, most hockey betting sites will be siding with the Leafs who rank 3 spots higher than Detroit in the Atlantic Division. After competing in 45 contests, Toronto is set to come into this bout with a 22-14-9 record that yields them 53 points. 53 ranks the Maple Leafs 4th in the Atlantic, just one point shy of tying the Bruins for 3rd. Toronto has been absent from the postseason for three consecutive years and are looking to snap that foreboding streak as soon as possible. There’s still enough time for the Leafs to pilfer the 3rd seed in the Atlantic and Toronto is certainly in a favorable position to accomplish that. However, considering how competitive the Metropolitan Division has been this season, right now it seems much harder for the Leafs to snag a Wild Card from the East, rather than trying to gain a top three seeding.

Unfortunately for Detroit, their postseason hopes currently seem abysmal. With the season getting shorter every day, it seems like this will be the year that the Red Wings monumental playoff-appearance streak will be snapped. Sportsbook fans may have mixed feelings about this – depending on which team they root for – but nevertheless Detroit accomplished something praiseworthy that we may never see again. Of course, given the bitter history between these two, Toronto will be more than happy to help the Red Wings miss out on the playoffs.

Hockey betting sites didn’t think much of the Leafs postseason aspirations at the start of the season. A large part of Toronto’s unexpected surge can be attributed to their leading point scorer Mitch Marner who has already amassed 39 this season. Auston Matthews leads the team in goals with 22 and Marner again in assists with 28.

The Red Wings are led in points by Henrik Zetterberg who has gained 33 this season. Thomas Vanek is Detroit’s leading scorer who has only scored 12 goals this season. The fact that Detroit’s leading goal scorer only has 12 goals might be a good indicator of what has gone foul with this year’s roster.