Are the Canadiens Living up to Their Name?

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Are the Canadiens Living up to Their Name?

Now that we’re a couple of months into the NHL season, online NHL betting fans have gotten a good look at this year’s Stanley Cup contenders. It might still be a little early to make up one’s mind about how the season will turn out, but that hasn’t stopped the best hockey sportsbooks from adjusting the odds on the futures line. However, in the NHL, more times than not it isn’t the team with the best odds that ends up winning, but rather the team who simply wants it more. The Montreal Canadiens are one team who is hoping that worn out cliché ends up being true.

Le Club de Hockey Canadien has a rich hockey history that is laden with success. In fact, of the traditional four major sports of North America, only the Boston Celtics are a more successful professional sports franchise that Montreal. So when the Canadiens missed the playoffs last season for the first time since 2012, Montreal knew that a change was needed. But as online NHL betting fans know, the Canadiens came into the 2016-17 season with the same coaches, so rather than a personnel change Montreal came into the season with a refreshed vigor, anxious to bring pride to one of the most historic franchises in professional sports. Have this year’s Canadiens been making progress on this goal?

As things stand right now, Montreal hasn’t been playing their best hockey, but they haven’t been playing their worst. However, they have been playing well enough to be 1st in the Atlantic Division, all thanks to their 16-5-2 record. Generally speaking, because of their 1st place ranking the NHL betting lines tend to favor the Canadiens in their matchup. Being first is something that certainly brings pride to your franchise, but the recent actions of Andrew Shaw certainly don’t.

In their contest against the Anaheim Ducks on Tuesday evening, Montreal was making a hard push late in the game to tie the contest. Ultimately the Canadiens ended up losing the matchup, but in the process they also lost a bit of respect for their team. With the final minutes of regulation winding down, Andrew Shaw was penalized for hooking Ducks’ defenseman Sami Vatanen in the offensive zone. Shaw was sent to the penalty box and although he initially disagreed, it wasn’t until he saw the replay that he had a temper tantrum. Shaw grabbed his stick, starting beating the glass with it, snapped it, all the while swearing the entire time. Obviously this behavior is not acceptable and Shaw was ultimately ejected.

Such behavior isn’t generally what the Canadiens are known for, and this isn’t the first time Shaw has had an incident of this kind. It’ll be interesting to see how Montreal handles the situation but it shouldn’t affect their online NHL betting odds too much.