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Boston Vie to Solidify Online NHL Betting Playoff Chances

With most teams facing less than 20 games in this year’s online NHL betting season, the playoff picture will soon be set. Which is good news for teams like the Washington Capitals or the Minnesota Wild, who have desperately been holding off the top of their divisions for several weeks now, but bad news for the Detroit Red Wings, whose quarter-century playoff-appearance streak will be snapped at the end of the season. Nevertheless, sportsbook fans will soon have to wager on NHL playoffs lines, which could include the likes of the Boston Bruins.

The Bruins, who are currently hanging onto their third-place ranking in the Atlantic Division, will take to the ice Tuesday night in an effort to further secure their position in this year’s NHL postseason. Boston is barely tethering onto their ranking, since the threatening Toronto Maple Leafs are one point shy of tying the Bruins. Since Toronto will also be competing this Tuesday night, the B’s will be looking to win their contest unanimously. Luckily enough for Boston, they’ll be facing a much more meager opponent that the Maple Leafs. Let’s take a look at what odds most hockey betting sites are giving the Bruins in their Tuesday night contest.


Arizona Coyotes         +1 ½ (-105)     5 ½ (EV)         +255

Boston Bruins             -1 ½ (-115)      5 ½ (-120)       -310

Against the team that ranks at the bottom of the Pacific Division, the Bruins enter as heavy sportsbook favorites. This season, after competing in 62 contests, Boston rides into this game with a 32-22-6 record that yields the franchise 70 points. The Canadiens currently lead the Atlantic, the division in which the Bruins compete, with 76 points and the Ottawa Senators are decently far behind with 72 points. The Senators will stay off the ice until this Thursday, so with a win the B’s could slide into 2nd place in the Atlantic. However, if the Bruins lose in regulation, they’ll leave the door wide open for the Maple Leaf’s whose 69 points paints them as a serious threat to Boston. But since the Leafs have to face the leaders of the Pacific Division, the San Jose Sharks, they’ll have a much tougher time later on this evening.

The online NHL betting underdogs come into this matchup sporting a 22-32-7 record that gives Arizona 51 points on the season. The Coyotes haven’t qualified for the postseason in 4-years and the Yotes are well on their way to missing out on the playoffs once more. Arizona has lost 4 out of their last 6 and is likely to lose against a team as dominant as the Bruins.

If Boston does end up losing their No. 3 seed in the Atlantic, the Bruins playoff chances could be jeopardized. The Rangers or Blue jackets, who both have over 80 points, will likely be snagging up one of the two Wild Card berths from the Eastern Conference. Which will pit the Bruins against the New York Islanders for the final Wild Card seed. The sportsbooks might side with Boston over the Islanders, but the Bruins would still be better off maintaining their current rank.