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BetNow is your Place for Betting on NHL

We know you. Your love for betting on NHL is like fire to ice. How come then that this her cold so great is not dissolved through your so hot desire? Or how come your exceeding heat is not allayed by her heart-frozen cold, but you burn much more in boiling sweat and feel your flames augmented manifold? What more miraculous thing may be told, that fire, which all things melts, should harden ice, and ice, which is congealed with senseless cold, should kindle fire by wonderful device? Verily, hockey betting is a many-splendored thing.

It may not be such a coincidence that hockey is played with a Puck, for the impish nature of the literary sprite permeates the sport, right down to the colorful fights that legendary Canadian sports anchor Don Taylor affectionately dubbed brouhahas. That same puckish spirit is what betting on NHL wakes in you. You almost feel like a child again; like when your father used to take you to the rink and teach you the basics of hockey betting (even though minors cannot and should not gamble). Things have changed, though, and now you can place your bets online, which is more convenient even if it doesn’t have the same mystique.

And just how do you go about betting on hockey online? First and foremost, you find a reputable, trustworthy, legit sportsbook. Since – god willing – you are reading this, that part has already been taken care of. Among the perk of doing your hockey betting at BetNow.com are sportsbook initial and reload bonuses (up to 50%), desktop- and mobile-friendly software, highest parlay and Vegas teaser payouts in the industry, 50% sign up bonus, 50% referral bonus, and 10% or 50% VIP lifetime re-up bonuses. But above all else, “we make it simple.” Damn straight we do.

Once a member, you can just go to town. As a matter of fact, let’s call it Betting on NHL – Population: You. Wager on NHL point spreads, totals, money lines. Bet on NHL periods – first, second, and third (overtime and shoot outs don’t count). Gamble on NHL team totals and Stanley Cup series prices. Put your money on NHL team and player props. Team props include team to win the opening faceoff, team to score first in the game, team to have more penalty minutes in the game, team to score last in the game, whether there will be a score in the first 10 minutes of the game, whether the team that scores first will win the game, and whether the game will go into overtime. Player props include most points scored by (goals plus assists); for instance, Vladimir Tarasenko and Jamie Benn (both players must play for action. Winning wager is player who records most points: goals=1, assists=1. Overtime counts towards wager, shootouts don’t. Wager ends when shootout starts).