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Bet Stanley Cup Playoffs 2023 at BetNow

Are you looking for the very best in hockey betting experiences? Are you tired of settling for the same old same old when it comes to betting on who’s going home with Lord Stanley’s Cup? Then you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of reasons that folks bet Stanley Cup Playoffs 2023 at BetNow. Of course, we have every game of every series with every way you want to bet on it. There’s never been a better time to bet than right now on the hockey playoffs. 

From the first drop of the puck in the first series to the final horn on the last game of the Stanley Cup Final, you’ll find all of it here at BetNow. This particular blog was written around the time of the first round in 2023, so things will change as the playoffs go on. This is a new year, a new playoff, with plenty of teams that haven’t been in the playoffs competing against each other. This is an exciting time, for sure, to bet on the NHL

Bet Stanley Cup Playoffs 2023 Game by Game 

In every playoff game, there can only be one winner and one loser. There haven’t been ties in the NHL in years, and there sure aren’t shootouts in the playoffs. These games go on and on until one team wins. They can last for many, many hours, but at the end of it, one team gets one win. 

That’s not how it has to work when betting on NHL playoff games, however. Not here at BetNow. Here, you’ll be able to bet on each game multiple times in multiple ways. That way, you’ll be able to win several times in one game. We’re always looking for more ways for our players to win. 

Ways to Bet on a Single Game 

For example, in each game of the Stanley Cup playoffs, you’ll be able to bet on the point spread. That’s determined by our handicappers, who are trying to find the most even way to pick a game. These are the games between the best of the best, so the point spreads are rarely very big. You can pick which team you think is going to win by what. 

Additionally, we also offer an “over/under” for each game. That’s the total number of goals in a game by both teams. Now, again, this is the NHL playoffs. Goals, even by high scoring teams, are at a premium. Defense (and actions that may have been a penalty during the regular season) carry the day. So, in general, these tend to be lower than you might have seen during the regular season, too. 

Also, you can bet on the odds for each game, the “money line,” as it’s called. This will show up on the right side of each game. If you see a team with a “-” in front of their number, they’re favored. The team with the “+” is the underdog. Of course, in some close games, we’ve got a “-” by both teams. 

Lastly, you can also bet game by game and period by period. Maybe you know some teams start fast and others start slow. Or, perhaps you know that one team really pours it on when they have to. At our site, you’ll be able to be rewarded for that. These are all ways you can win multiple times through the course of a game. 

Bet on a Series 

You also don’t have to just bet game by game, either. Maybe you have a really good feeling about one team beating another four times out of seven games. Should that be the case, we also have series prices odds, too. Here, you’ll bet on which team you think is going to win the series. 

Now, what’s important to keep in mind about these odds is that they are fluid. They change. So, if you have a strong belief about a team winning a series, you want to get that down as quickly as possible. For example, as of this writing, the Boston Bruins (who finished the regular season with the best record in NHL history) are tied 1-1 with the Florida Panthers. So, the Bruins are only favored at -275 for the series price. 

But, if you had bet the Cats before the series started, when the Bruins looked like they were going to sweep, then you could have made big money (should the Panthers shock the world). Get your bets down when you can. 

Team Props and More 

Of course, you don’t just have to wait for the end of the game to be able to win. We also have plenty of team props available, too. These include who’s going to score first (which team), will that team win the game, will the game go to overtime, when each team will score, even who will win the opening faceoff, and many more. 

There are so many ways to bet on the Stanley Cup Playoffs at BetNow. Good luck to you through the playoff year!