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Bet NHL Playoffs 2023 at BetNow – Round 2

Are you ready for more NHL playoffs? That first round was unlike just about any first round we’ve ever had before. You very well could have made all kinds of money. Or, alternatively, you might have lost a bunch of money. If the latter is the case, don’t fret. There’s plenty of opportunities to get it right here in round two and beyond. You can always bet NHL playoffs 2023 here at BetNow. 

At our site, we make it so that you can bet on all of the NHL games you want whenever you want to bet on them. No matter where you are, you can bet on who’s going to win each game. You can bet on the point spread, the money line, the odds, the over/under, and more. If there’s an NHL playoff game, you can bet it here. 

Bet Eastern Conference NHL Playoffs 

How many of you bet on the Florida Panthers to win round one? Really? Show of hands. We’re guessing not many. If you had, you would have made some incredible, incredible money. The Bruins, of course, were coming off of the best regular season in NHL history. A record that could stand for a long time. Certainly longer than the Bruins stood in the playoffs, which was seven games. Congrats to the Panthers on an incredible achievement. 

Now, of course, it doesn’t get any easier. They have to go to Toronto to face the suddenly rejuvenated Maple Leafs. The franchise that, up until the other week, hadn’t won a playoff series since 2012 (and a Stanley Cup drought that goes back to the Kennedy administration) is now in a position where they believe. Do you? Are the Maple Leafs going to make a run at the cup? Or, will the Panthers party like it’s 1997 and continue on to the Eastern Conference Finals? 

The other series in the East is between two teams in the Metropolitan Division. The Hurricanes, finally out of the shadow of so many other teams in the East, have a real chance to take the East this year. Standing in their way are the upstart Devils, a team that was not expected to beat the Rangers, certainly not after going down two games to none. But, they hung in there and were very impressive down the stretch, winning the series in seven. 

What do you think will happen here? Will the Canes blow through Jersey? Or, will the Devils storybook resurgence take them back into the Conference Finals? 

Bet Western Conference National Hockey League Playoffs 

Bet NHL Playoffs 2023: There aren’t many franchises, in hockey or in any sport, that can say they won their very first playoff series. There are even fewer who can say they did so by knocking off the defending champion. But, the Seattle Kraken absolutely can. They did both of those in their first ever series, looking impressive as they went. Now, they go on to Dallas, to play an impressive Stars team that looks like they’re in it for the long haul.

What do you think is going to happen in this series? Are the Kraken en route to a Golden Stars-like first playoff appearance? Or, will the Stars rope the Kraken and move back to the Western Final? 

In the other series in the West, it’s a fascinating match-up: Vegas versus Edmonton. So many believe that, finally, this is the Oilers’ year. McDavid, now perhaps hockey’s preeminent star, may be ready to take that next step and bring the cup back to the Oil. However, Vegas has shown that they aren’t just that first year, they have a real squad with real staying power. What happens in this series? Does Vegas cash in? Or, do the Oil flow into the Finals yet again? 

Bet more than NHL Games at BetNow 

Here, you can bet so much more than just the NHL. Of course, you can bet on the NBA playoffs, MLB baseball, and so much more. Now is a great time to bet on NFL Futures, as so many are sky high after the draft. Good luck to you throughout the Stanley Cup chase!