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Another Chapter in Blackhawks-Wild Sportsbook Rivalry

Monday’s round of NHL hockey betting action featured only two contests, but in both games the sportsbook favorites came up short. In the first contest of the evening, the St. Louis Blues conceded a loss to the Florida Panthers. With that victory the Panthers are now tied with the Boston Bruins for third-place in the Eastern Conference with 66 points.

In the second and last game of the night, the Arizona Coyotes – who rank dead last in the Pacific Division – were able to triumph over the Pacific Division’s No. 3 seed, the Anaheim Ducks, delivering an unprecedented upset that not even the NHL hockey odds could have seen coming.

With two crushing upsets delivered on a single night, fans are left wondering if Tuesday’s round of contests will feature a similar turnout. There are 9 games in total, but with yesterday’s results in mind, sportsbooks have decided to keep the odds fairly balanced.

Of all the contests scheduled for Tuesday night, perhaps the one with the highest level of intrigue is the matchup between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild. Chicago and Minnesota have a long history of sports rivalries, ranging from the storied rivalry between the Bears and the Vikings, to the bitter NHL postseason feud between the Blackhawks and the Wild. Let’s see what the bookies are predicting for the next chapter in this NHL rivalry.

NHL HOCKEY BETTING ODDS – Tuesday, February 21

Chicago Blackhawks +1 ½ (-250)      5 ½ (+110)      +120

Minnesota Wild          -1 ½ (+210)     5 ½ (-130)       -140

Since the Wild are the leaders of the Western Conference, it makes perfect sense for the sportsbooks to come out in favor of Minnesota. After competing in 58 games this season, the Wild have amassed a 39-13-6 record that gives the club 84 points and ranks them 1st in the Central Division, 7 points higher than No. 2 Chicago. Minnesota has qualified for the postseason the last 4 seasons consecutively and with less than 30 games left on the schedule, the Wild will be a shoo-in for this year’s Stanley Cup NHL hockey betting playoffs.

Tuesday night’s contest will mark the 3rd time these rivals have faced off this season. The Wild won the first contest 3-2 but the Blackhawks were able to avenge that loss in their second contest against Chicago by winning in overtime 4-3.  Chicago will be looking to put a dent in Minnesota’s 7-point lead as well as take the lead in this year’s series Tuesday night.

After competing in 59 games, the Blackhawks enter this contest with a 36-18-5 record that garners the team 77 points for the season. The sportsbook underdogs currently enjoy a 10-point lead over the St. Louis Blues that puts Chicago’s playoff hopes in good light. Chicago hasn’t been absent from the Stanley Cup playoffs since the 2007-08 season and it does not appear like the Blackhawks will be breaking from that tradition this season. After finishing Tuesday’s contest, Chicago and Minnesota are scheduled to face each other once more on March 12th.