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Few sports are as hard hitting as hockey and few lines offer as great of action as NHL hockey betting lines. From the start of the season to one of the most thrilling series in the Stanley Cup Finals, there’s no question that the NHL season is as enticing as they come. So what does one need to know to make bets on NHL games online? Let’s take a look at all the pertinent information down below.

How to Bet on NHL Games Online

The NHL Season

The NHL season begins in October and will run until April of the following year. The season features 31 teams competing in an 82-game schedule. Once the season concludes the Stanley Cup playoffs will begin; a single-elimination tournament concluding with the Stanley Cup Finals. Once that’s all said and done, the NHL offseason begins and the whole cycle wait to commence anew.

The Stanley Cup Finals

The Stanley Cup playoffs and the Stanley Cup Finals represent the final and arguably most exciting time of the season. The playoffs itself consists of four rounds of best-of-seven series to determine who the best in the league is and ultimately who gets to hoist the Stanley Cup. Eight teams from each of the two (east and west) conferences will compete for points during the regular season, with the 3 leaders from each division qualifying automatically and 2 Wild Card berths.

Types of NHL Hockey Betting Lines

The most common types of NHL hockey betting lines consist of the money line, the spread line, and the over/under. Below we’ll be taking a look at these lines but first we’ll go over what they look like. The line begins on the left with the name of the team followed by the spread, the totals (over/under), and lastly the money line.

St. Louis Blues vs. Boston Bruins Betting Odds
Blues +1½ (+175) 5½ (+125) +150
Bruins -1½ (+160) 5½ (-145) -170
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NHL Money Line Betting

When you bet on the money line, you are simply betting on one team to beat another. In the case above, we can see that the Bruins are pegged as money line favorites over the St. Louis Blues. Specifically, Boston is facing -170 odds to beat St. Louis. Generally speaking, the money line starts at -110 and will continue to rise if a team is heavily favored. At -170, the odds aren’t favoring Boston all that heavily. However, it does mean that you have to wager $170 in order to be eligible for $100 in winnings. In short, a $170 winning bet on Boston would net you $270 in total.

On the other hand, the Blues are pegged as the underdog. Because they are unlikely to win, the bookmakers have to sweeten the pot to convince bettors to take them. Sticking with the example above, we can see that the Blues are pegged as +150 underdogs on the money line. This means that you only have to wager $100 in order to be eligible for $150 in winnings. In short, a $100 winning bet on St. Louis would net you a total of $250.

Betting NHL Spread

When you bet the spread you aren’t betting on one team to beat another. Instead, here you are betting on a team to beat the spread. So how does a team beat the spread?

When a team is favored against the spread, they must beat the other team by the amount that the line is set at. In the example above, the spread is set at 1 ½ points for the match. This means that the favorite, the Bruins, have to beat St. Louis by 1 ½ points in order to cover the spread.

On the other hand, for the Blues to cover the spread, they need to either beat Boston or avoid losing by more than 1 ½ points. If they manage to do this, then they would have in fact covered the spread. Below we’ll be going over some examples so you can feel confident when betting against the spread.

Betting NHL TOTALs

Betting on the NHL TOTALs, or the over/under, is fairly straightforward. Here you are betting on the total number of points that will be scored in the match. This is calculated by adding the points one team to the points the other team scored. Sticking with the above listed example, we can see that the total is set at 5 ½ points. So if you think more than 5 ½ points will be scored on the night, you would take the over. On the other hand, if you think fewer than that total will be scored  then you would take the under. As can be seen above, the vig changes from one line to the other so it’s important to consider both outcomes. The over is always the top line and the under is always the bottom line.

NHL Parlays, Props & Futures Betting

The following lines represent other options available to NHL betting fans. With parlays, props and futures betting, many other opportunities are available to bettors. Parlays allow you to rack up tons of value off of contests you feel confident predicting while futures betting offers tremendous prizes to those who can predict Stanley Cup winners in advance.

NHL Parlays

Parlays are a popular option for NHL betting veterans due to the huge up side it offers. Parlays allow you to make a small bet on a multiple of games that offer a huge turnout if all come true. For example, you can choose 5 NHL games and place a small bet on the whole parlay. Because all 5 games need to be correct in order for you to win, the payout is extremely eye-catching.

NHL Props

Props are generally only available during the Stanley Cup finals. When you props you are betting on quirky little things like which player will score more points or which team will be the first to score. These generally don’t take skill and revolve around luck more than anything else. Nevertheless, they are still a popular option in the world of online hockey betting.

NHL Live Betting

Live betting is the pinnacle of what the online sportsbook world has to offer. Thanks to the incredible technology that surrounds us, sportsbooks are able to offer up to the minute odds on hockey games. This allows you to make incredibly daring predictions at a whim’s notice. This is without a doubt the most thrilling option available and is definitely one you should check out.

NHL Futures Betting

Futures betting is fairly straightforward. Here you can bet on who you think will win the Stanley Cup way out in advance. Below you’ll find the odds for teams to win the 2020 Stanley Cup. These lines tend to offer huge payouts due to how difficult it is to predict this way out in advance.

Team Odds to Win 2020 Stanley Cup
Anaheim Ducks +6600
Arizona Coyotes +2550
Boston Bruins +1000
Buffalo Sabres +5050
Calgary Flames +1800
Carolina Hurricanes +3000
Chicago Blackhawks +3500
Colorado Avalanche +1200
Columbus Blue Jackets +5000
Dallas Stars +1700
Detroit Red Wings +8000
Edmonton Oilers +3500
Florida Panthers +1650
Los Angeles Kings +6600
Minnesota Wild +3500
Montreal Canadiens +3500
Nashville Predators +1750
New Jersey Devils +2550
New York Islanders +2800
New York Rangers +2550
Ottawa Senators +10000
Philadelphia Flyers +7500
Pittsburgh Penguins +2000
San Jose Sharks +1800
St. Louis Blues +30000
Tampa Bay Lightning +710
Toronto Maple Leafs +950
Vancouver Canucks +4000
Vegas Golden Knights +1000
Washington Capitals +1800
Winnipeg Jets +1650

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