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NHL betting has achieved a level of parity greater than any other sport. This can be easily attributed to the salary cap – a hard cap, in the sense that not team is exempted from it. As a direct result, no one team has been able to win two Stanley Cups in a row during the salary cap era (the last team to ever accomplish this feat were the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998; also the only team to make it to back-to-back Stanley Cup Finals). In this day and age successful teams tend to become weaker rather than stronger after winning a championship. In the past, teams that did well on the ice also did well financially, and thus were able to attract the other team’s best players.

Today, though, even if they could afford it, they are not allowed to add to their existing roster. On the contrary, they may even have to let go players whose star has gotten so bright that what they are worth now would make the team go over the salary cap. By way of example, the Chicago Blackhawks had to part ways with Dustin Byfuglien after winning the Stanley Cup in the 2010 season – no doubt one of the reasons that they failed to repeat their previous success. This state of affairs certainly makes for better competition within the league, and it does make NHL betting more interesting and more challenging as well. In addition to the salary cap, the shortened summer that Cup Winners have to prepare for the following season, as well as potential injuries all mean that the defending champion team that starts the new season is seldom the same as the previous season.

To say that enormous amounts of luck are required to survive 82 games of grueling regular season, make the playoffs in back-to-back years, and then go on to win eight consecutive playoff series, is an understatement. Not unlike many people who rely and trust in their particular luck when indulging in NHL betting. But sheer luck can only carry one so far. And as a matter fact, the salary cap can help gamblers even if it does hurt the teams. On any given hockey night, the perceived David might just slay the supposed Goliath. As a result of that, statistically you will find more sharp NHL betting underdog bets than favorites since the league offers a somewhat level playing field.

Newcomers to NHL betting tend to wager on their favorites as opposed to the underdogs. This kind of emotional gambling betrays a dearth of knowledge about how NHL odds work. Betting on the underdog in NHL on every game – something that you should not do – will statistically lose much less profit than if you bet on the favorite, in every game. Remember to selectively pick your sharp NHL picks and NHL predictions, the underdogs and the best line. And also remember that BET NOW offers the most varied and yet simple opportunities for betting on NHL.