4 Things Sports Betting Websites Have Learned in the NHL

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Sports Betting Websites Have Learned in the NHL

The 2017 NHL game betting season is closing in on the season’s quarter mark. With nearly a score of games under our belts, players betting on this year’s NHL season have jotted down a few takeaways. We’ve seen the Vegas Golden Knights, the league’s newest addition, emerge as contenders within the Western Conference, we’ve seen the Chicago Blackhawks have a devastating fallout from last year’s early playoff dismissal, and even some inspiring stories like the one involving Brian Boyle. Below are 4 things sports betting websites have learned so far in this year’s NHL season.

Brian Boyle’s Character

Boyle, who plays center for the New Jersey Devils, is one amazing person. Upon being diagnosed with leukemia, most people would be doing everything they can to fight off this blood cancer, which would include staying off the ice. But that isn’t the case for Boyle, who was diagnosed with leukemia in mid-September. Instead of looking for excuses or ways to make things easier upon himself, Boyle returned to action on November 1st. This past Thursday, his fifth match of the year, Boyle was able to score his first goal of 2017.

The celebration and look on Boyle’s face help us understand just how triumphant that moment truly was. “I’ve never cried after a goal before,” Boyle stated following the game. “It’s a lot.”

“It’s everything.”

Blackhawks Become Bleakhawks in Philadelphia

As previously brought up, Chicago hasn’t been able to find the success they were hoping for this season. That being the case, the franchise hasn’t had much issue adding onto its woes. For those out of the sports betting website loop, Chicago is starting to rack up a pretty lengthy losing streak against the Flyers on the road. Philadelphia’s recent 3-1 win over Chicago marked the 14th straight time they’ve successfully defended the home turf against the Blackhawks. In fact, the last time Chicago pulled out a win in Philly’s backyard was all the way back in 1996. Jaromir Jagr is the only player remaining from that time period. Obviously the Blackhawks are capable of beating the Flyers, just so long as they play in Chicago.

Veteran Lends a Hand

Speaking of Jaromir Jagr, the NHL’s veteran helped deliver a very special assist to none other than Mark Jankowski. Jagr delivered a strike on goal that bounced off of Petr Mrazek, rebounded off of Jankowski’s leg and found its way into the net.

Jagr has been making headlines all season long, as usual, and this is just the latest in a  long line of exceptional plays. Jagr, upon signing with the Calgary Flames, talked about this being his last season. While that is likely, all sports betting websites would love for him to stay a little longer.

Zucker delivers Sucker Punch

Jason Zucker is on one heck of a spree. One day after putting up the only goals of his team in their loss to the Maple Leafs, Zucker delivered a hat trick in a 3-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens. What’s the takeaway? Zucker scored all 5 of his team’s goals during those two games. In other words, don’t mess with him when he’s on a breakaway.