3 NHL Betting Factors to Consider Ahead of Game 5

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Game 5 – Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Betting Trends – Thur., June 8th

After putting on a show in Nashville, the Predators are ready to return to Pittsburgh. This time, they bring a higher level of confidence that is certain to have an impact on the game’s NHL betting outcome.

Game 5 will play a pivotal role in the series. With things tied at 2-2, it’s a best of three from here on out. With both games 5 & 7 being played in Pittsburgh, the Predators will have to win one of those two if they want to lift the Stanley Cup. Let’s see what the odds on NHL hockey games have to say about the Predators’ chances in Game 5.

Game 5 – Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins – Thur., June 8th

When: 8:00 pm ET

Where: PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh

Series: Tied 2-2


Stream: NBC Sports

Hockey Playoff Odds:

Nashville Predators   +1 ½ (-240)     5 ½ (+115)      +135

Pittsburgh Penguins -1 ½ (+200)     5 ½ (-135)       -155

The hockey playoff odds are predicting a closer competition, but one that will still end in Pittsburgh’s favor. Ultimately, there are 3 factors that will play a pivotal role in determining Game 5’s outcome.

Preds Licking Their Wounds

The Predators had a hard enough time winning the first two contests of the series in Pittsburgh. And now they’ll have to find some way to win without their leading scorer, Ryan Johansen. Johansen suffered a thigh injury in Game 4 that will keep him on the sideline for the rest of the postseason.

In addition to the loss of their offensive powerhouse, Nashville might also be without Mike Fisher, their captain. Fisher was forced to leave Game 4 early and is still under evaluation. Having to face the Penguins in Pittsburgh is hard enough, but having to do it without two of your best starters is infinitely more difficult.

Nashville’s Confidence

If there’s one thing Nashville can employ to get an upper hand on the Warriors it’s there booming confidence. After putting on a dominant show in Nashville, the Preds have shown the entire league that the Penguins don’t outclass them. If the Predators can use their confidence to kick in the door on Game 5 by scoring a couple of early game goals to give them the lead, they might just be able to scrape by.

Game 5’s Importance

Game 5’s significance in the NHL, when the series is tied 2-2, cannot be understated. Throughout the league’s history, teams that have won Game 5 have gone on to win the series 198 out of 252 times. Essentially, the winner of Game 5 has a near 80% chance (79% to be precise) of winning the Stanley Cup. Those kind of figures cannot be ignored, especially by players fond of hockey playoff odds.  So far in 2017, teams that have won Game 5 have gone on to win the series each time (5 in total), putting even more pressure on both teams ahead of Thursday night’s contest.