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3 Factors That will Determine Online Betting’s Game 2

Players who bet on NHL can jump back into playoff action this Wednesday as the Stanley Cup Finals picks up again. Last we left off; the Penguins had managed to pick up a win in Game 1.

This past Monday, in their Game 1 matchup, Pittsburgh jumped out to an impressive 3-0 lead over Nashville. However, the Predators showed extreme online betting resilience and managed to find a way back into the contest. With Nashville back in contention, Pittsburgh began to slip-up, appearing somewhat less dangerous than they did when they started the game. In the end, the Penguins found a way to win, and it’s this insatiable drive to come out on top that has been defining Pittsburgh’s season.

However, the fact that the Penguins weren’t dominant for the entire game has raised some questions about how Game 2 will turn out. Nevertheless, the sports betting international odds still feel fairly confident that Pittsburgh’s tenacity will propel them to a victory once again this Wednesday night.

Game 2 – Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins – Wed., May 31st

When: 8:00 pm ET

Where: PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh

Series: Penguins Lead 1-0


Stream: NBC Sports

Online Betting Odds:

Nashville Predators +1 ½ (-240)       5 ½ (+130)      +125

Pittsburgh Penguins –1 ½ (+200)      5 ½ (-150)       -145

Unsurprisingly, Pittsburgh enters this contest as the odds on favorite. The sportsbooks haven’t exactly ruled out the Predators, and how could they after the resilience they showed in Game 1. Ultimately, Wednesday’s contest will come down to three things.

  1. Can Pekka Rinne Keep it Up?

One of the biggest factors in Game 1 that allowed the Predators to come back into the game was Pekka Rinne. Rinne has been without a doubt the best goalkeeper in this year’s postseason and although he had strong bursts in their first contest, Rinne still allowed the Penguins to score 4.

The question here isn’t whether or not Rinne will bounce back but rather how strongly he will. Will he be able to shutout the Penguins’ O for an entire game? He could, but that will also largely depend on which Pittsburgh offense shows up.

  1. Penguins Offense

In Game 1, we saw two different Pittsburgh offenses. One was able to score 5 on Nashville’s supreme blue line, and the other wasn’t able to find the net for 40 straight minutes. Whichever offense shows up in Game 2 will determine who wins the game. Will see the black and gold offensive onslaught we’ve come to know these last couple of years? Or will the Penguins stumble against Nashville.

  1. Nashville’s Ability to Adjust

In the franchise’s first Stanley Cup appearance, how the Predators manage to adjust will determine if they get swept or if they can contend. Making the title match, or series, is an extremely grueling process in the NHL and it’s something the Predators have never done.

The Predators showed they have heart in Game 1 but not giving up, despite a 3-0 deficit, but they’re currently in unfamiliar waters. This is the first time this postseason Nashville conceded a loss in game 1. On top of that, it’s clear that the Predators played better than the Penguins in Game 1. Will they be able to adjust to these online betting complications?