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2018-19 New York Rangers Sportsbook Outlook

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2018-19 New York Rangers Sportsbook Outlook Sportsbook News

The 2018 online NHL betting season is still a long ways off. Nevertheless, sports betting fans are sizing up teams during the offseason to see which rosters could potentially make a splash this upcoming season. One team that some sportsbook fans are starting to get crazy about is the New York Rangers. Although they failed to make last year’s postseason, New York is making some changes that will hopefully result in some major differences this upcoming season. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our 2018-19 New York Rangers sportsbook outlook. Sportsbook players learning how to bet NHL online can use this guide to determine whether or not they want to back the Rangers this upcoming season.

2018-19 New York Rangers Sportsbook Outlook

Before taking a look at the changes New York has undergone, let’s recap what they accomplished, or didn’t, in the 2017-18 season. All in all the franchise turned in a 34-39-9 record to finish 8th overall in the Metropolitan and 12th in the Eastern Conference. Naturally, this performance meant that the Rangers would miss out on postseason play. Ultimately this was a significant step down from the 48-28-6 record the team delivered in the previous season. But with new head coach David Quinn now calling the shots, New York is set to deliver an online NHL betting turnaround. But according to the Rangers themselves, this upcoming season isn’t just about improving, it’s also about getting into the playoffs.

“This year is about establishing a culture of winning,” Kevin Shattenkirk, one of New York’s defenders, recently told the press. “I think that it’s important that when we show up in September that guys know that this isn’t a year to just slightly improve. It’s a year to try to make the playoffs.”

The question now is, do the Rangers have enough pieces in place to make a playoff run this upcoming season? They’ve had a lot of luck making the playoffs in the past. In fact, last year’s season was the first time since 2010 that New York failed to make the postseason. On top of that, they’ve only missed out on the playoffs twice since 2006. Ultimately it’s looking like it’ll be up to a heap of young players and the few returning veterans that New York has to deliver. But as of now, the 2018-19 New York Rangers sportsbook outlook is still very much in the air.

A Look at the Pieces

David Quinn was brought on board late in May. The online NHL betting newcomer is coming up from Boston University, where he has spent his last 5 seasons. This will be his first stint as an NHL coach and it will be interesting to see what he’s able to put together. Especially since it’s looking like his starting unit will consist of several rookies. However, considering his experience, this might actually play in his favor. Simply put, grizzled veterans might not be so welcoming of an unproven coach while rookies are more likely to adopt their coaches philosophy.

As for the players, New York’s leading scorer last year was forward Mats Zuccarello. He was good for 53 points off of 16 goals and 37 assists. And while that was good enough to lead the Rangers, it wouldn’t have lead any other team in the league. If they are to succeed next season, the Rangers will need more from center Mika Zibanejad, center Kevin Hayes, forward Chris Kreider and forward Pavel Buchnevich. None of these guys excelled last season and will have to fight a heap of rookies to maintain their roles.