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Will the Vikings Lose Three Straight?

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Vikings vs Lions NFL Week 9 Betting

Through the first half of the season, there wasn’t a better team to pick for online NFL betting lines than the Minnesota Vikings. Although the Vikings early success wasn’t foreseen, the winning streak Minnesota put on made them an undeniable playoff contender. But then came the Bye Week, and then complacency, and sure enough two straight losses would follow. The Vikings first loss of the season came against the Philadelphia Eagles, so seeing them get upset by a talented team was dismissible. However, the very next game the Vikings would lose to the Chicago Bears – a team that had only won one game this season, and although the Bears are the Vikings divisional rivals, the loss raises some daunting questions about this Minnesota team. With uncertainty slowly creeping in, what do most football betting sites have to say about the Vikings’ next contest?

NFL Odds – Week 9 – Sunday, November 6th

Minnesota Vikings -6 ½ (-110) 41 (-115)
Detroit Lions +6 ½ (-110) 41 (-105)

No mystery here, the online NFL betting odds have decided to side with the team atop the NFC North. But seeing the Lions upset the Vikings is not unfathomable, especially when considering the fact that the Vikings are coming off an upset against the Bears. Even though they only have two losses for the season, winning this game should be extremely important for the Vikings. Another divisional loss wouldn’t help their playoff chances, especially when considering the Packers have already beaten both the Lions and the Bears. Minnesota may have their win over Green Bay, but if they fail to beat Detroit this weekend they’ll be leaving the door wide open for the Packers to come and steal the division out from under them.

The Vikings started the season with an impressive win streak, but the complete opposite is true for the Lions. Although they won their 2016 opener, Detroit would go on to lose the next three games. All seemed lost for the Lions, but three straight wins put them back into the mix of things. Unfortunately, Detroit couldn’t carry that moment and ended up losing to the Texans this past weekend. In the NFC North, the Lions are right behind the Packers. If they beat the Vikings this weekend, they’ll become the frontrunners to steal the division from Minnesota. But what kind of chances do the Lions have of delivering Week 9’s online NFL betting upset?

The Bears and the Eagles both employed similar strategies to beat the Vikings; an early lead to put pressure on Minnesota’s offense. Against a team like Minnesota, this strategy could be deadly. It’s not that the Vikings have a terrible offense, simply put; their offense just isn’t geared to put up points in a short amount of time.

Minnesota’s offense is all about maintaining possession and running out the clock. But if the Lions are able to get an early lead and make this offense leave their comfort zone, the Vikings are certain to lose another game in a row. Compared to the Bears, the Lions have a more efficient, explosive offense. In other words, look out Minnesota.