Will the Chargers hand the Broncos Their Second Loss?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Broncos vs. Chargers Thursday Night Football Preview

There wasn’t a football betting site on the planet that had the Atlanta Falcons pegged as the favorite over the Denver Broncos. Yet this past weekend the Falcons flew high at the Mile High and handed Denver their first loss of the season in the Broncos backyard. Since the Broncos fell to 4-1, they are now tied for 1st in the AFC West, along with the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders keep surprising even the harshest critics week in and week out. This past weekend Oakland earned their third straight win against their AFC West rival, the San Diego Chargers.
In Week 6, the Broncos will be facing the Chargers and since the Raiders beat San Diego this past weekend, it’s now even more important for Denver to bounce back. But considering the Chargers are 1-4, the defending Super Bowl Champions should have no problem doing so. However, this game will be on Thursday night, meaning both teams will have less time to prepare. Coming off their first loss of the season, how much will the online football betting odds favor the Broncos?

Week 6 – Thursday the 13th of October

Broncos -3 (-110) 45 (-110) -135
Chargers +3 (-110) 45 (-110) +115

Most football betting sites are obviously going to side with the Broncos on this one, but one would expect the margin to be much larger than it is. Perhaps the odds-makers are taking a hard look at the Broncos loss this past weekend and taking their performance into consideration. It was obvious that Denver’s defense had been carrying their team through the first games of the season, and this past weekend that defense was put to the test against the Falcons’ high powered offense. The Falcons’ are currently ranked 1st in points, 1st in total offense and 1st in passing, and this past weekend they didn’t miss a beat against the Broncos. Atlanta ended up on top 23-16, but Denver’s defense still kept them in the game. The offense did it’s best to win, but it just didn’t have enough firepower, or experience, to successfully mount a comeback. With their upset, Atlanta has now exposed Denver’s biggest weakness: their offense. While that might not have been a secret, it’s now obvious that a large 4th quarter deficit will likely spell defeat for the Broncos. All the Chargers need to do is get a comfortable lead before the final quarter, and watch Denver’s offense lose the game.

The Chargers may be sitting at 1-4 – as well as the bottom of the AFC West – but don’t let that record deceive you. San Diego’s last two games have been decided by 1 point, and the one before that was decided by 4 points. Just like the Falcons, San Diego’s offense ranks near the top of the league, which could spell trouble for the Broncos. The best football betting sites are predicting a close contest, and seeing the Chargers pull one out from underneath Denver isn’t inconceivable. If the Broncos fail to win, they’ll not only lose their second game of the season, but 1st place in the AFC West as well.