Will the Bucs deliver Week 5’s NFL Betting Upset?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Carolina Panthers vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Monday Night Football Week 5

The online NFL betting community is still adjusting to the fact that the Carolina Panthers are no longer the best team in the NFC, let alone the NFC South. Last season the Panthers were unrivaled in their division, with the Atlanta Falcons being the closest team behind them at 8-8. But interestingly enough, this season those same Falcons are the team that currently leads the division, with practically no competition. Behind the Falcons are the Panthers, Saints, and Bucs all tied at 1-3. This past weekend the Falcons had a chance to prove they are a true force in the South by beating the reigning NFC South Champions. Atlanta capitalized on the situation, and the Panthers fell to the Falcons 48-33. Carolina might not have gotten blown out, but this is another blemish on what is starting to become a long list of failed opportunities for the Panthers. At 1-3 Carolina just can’t seem to win football games. It may be that the Panthers have been facing some of the toughest teams in the NFL; the Broncos, the Vikings, and the Falcons. But the fact still remains, if you want to be a Super Bowl competitor you have to find a way to beat even the strongest teams in the NFL. In Week 5, the Panthers will get a chance to find their strut by facing a team that isn’t as elite as the competition they have been facing, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. If the Panthers lose it will only enforce the notion that they are no longer an elite team, so the pressure will be on Carolina to perform. Let’s see what kind of odds most football betting sites are giving Carolina against the Bucs.

Week 5 – Monday the 10th of October

Buccaneers +5 ½ (-105) 45 ½ (-110) +205
Panthers -5 ½ (-115) 45 ½ (-110) -245

Despite how poorly the Panthers have been performing this season, the online NFL betting odds are still pegging them as the heavy favorite. However, before fans go picking Carolina on the money line, they should be made aware of the staggering injuries Carolina will have to be juggling this Monday night. The Panthers will more than likely be without reigning MVP Cam Newton who remains in concussion protocol. The NFL has been making it a point to address head injuries and the Panthers certainly won’t be rushing Newton to get back on the field. Michael Oher, the Panthers left tackle, has also joined Newton in concussion protocol. As aforementioned the NFL is cracking down on these types of injuries and it’s likely that neither player will be on the field this Monday. With Newton out of the equation, the Bucs stand a legitimate chance of upsetting the Panthers.

The Bucs offense isn’t an elite squad, but their passing game isn’t half bad, considering it ranks 13th in the NFL. After seeing Matt Ryan and Julio Jones carve up the Panthers defense, you know the Bucs are going to be attacking Carolina’s secondary. The Bucs may not have Julio Jones, but with a crippled Carolina offense, and the Panthers rookie cornerbacks, Tampa Bay could deliver Week 5’s online NFL betting upset.