Will the Browns Go Winless in 2016?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Browns vs. Bengals NFL Week 14 Betting - Sunday, December 11, 10:00 AM

Will the Cleveland Browns finish the 2016 season with a 0-16 season? Judging by how poor the Browns have been all season long, it’s more likely than not that Cleveland will indeed finish the 2016 online NFL gambling season by going winless. They wouldn’t be the first NFL team to not win a single game in an entire 16-game season (the 2008 Detroit Lions took that honor) but they would certainly be the 2nd. Throughout the season there were more than several opportunities for the Browns to rally and actually earn a win, but time after time Cleveland failed to make game winning plays. In Week 14 the Browns will square off against a less than reputable team, the Cincinnati Bengals. Because these two teams are division rivals, anything could happen but ultimately this game represents one of the few remaining opportunities for the Browns to upset a team and escape a winless season. Let’s see what the best online sportsbooks have to say about the Browns chances against the 4-7-1 Cincinnati Bengals.

NFL Odds – Week 14 – Sunday, December 11th

Cincinnati Bengals -5½ (-115) 43 (-110) -245
Cleveland Browns +5½ (-105) 43 (-110) +205

It’s no surprise to see the online NFL gambling odds favor the Bengals, but as aforementioned this is a divisional match and anything is possible. Obviously Cincinnati won the first time these two faced each other earlier in the season. The final score of that contest was 31-17 which is a bit of a blowout. Will the Browns have a better showing this time around?

All things considered, it doesn’t look good for the Browns. Behind innumerable problems at the quarterback position, the Browns have just barely managed to have the NFL’s 26th worst passing offense. In addition, Cleveland has the 27th worst rushing offense, 29th worst total offense, and the 31st worst scoring average. Those numbers are pretty pitiable, but on the defensive side of things it gets even worst. The Browns will come into Sunday’s game with the 21st worst passing defense, which isn’t the worst thing you could have. However, the Browns do have the 31st worst rushing defense, total defense, and average of points allotted per contest. When so many of your aspects of your defense rank penultimate, it’s easy to understand why the football betting odds hate on your franchise so much.

Like the Browns, the Bengals have a pretty weak defense. However, because they have Andy Dalton, the Bengals offense is leagues ahead of the Browns. The Bengals will be coming into this contest with the 7th best passing offense as well as the 8th best total offense in the NFL, which should be more than enough to beat the Browns this Sunday. Ultimately, fans might want to side with the online NFL gambling odds for this contest.