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Who’s the Frontrunner for the MVP?

The online NFL betting season has officially passed its halfway point and fans have mixed feelings about how the season is turning out. On one hand, fans are extremely pleased that football season has come back again, and we once again have an excuse to kick back, crack open a cold one, and enjoy some football amidst the company of great friends. But on the other hand, football just isn’t that entertaining anymore. From player’s protesting the anthem, to Roger Goodell fining players for breathing the wrong way, the consensus is in; the NFL just isn’t what it used to be. Fans used to be able to tune in enjoy some hard-hitting action and tune out from the world for a couple of hours. But now, even the NFL isn’t safe from contemporary issues, whether it be the results of this year’s election, or police brutality. But surrounded by all these social issues, football betting sites are still giving fans the opportunity to bet on their favorite games, so fans can better enjoy tuning out of the innumerable problems facing society.

One thing to help get the pressing issues of fans’ minds is trying to predict who will win the MVP award this year. Last season, there was no competition and it was clear to any online NFL betting fan following the season that Cam Newton was the rightful MVP. But this year, the competition is getting a little more heated. We’ve seen Derek Carr lead the Raiders to a 7-2 record, despite the fact that Oakland has one of the worst defenses in the league. That within itself is beyond recognition. Meanwhile, we’ve seen Tom Brady unload his revenge on the league and put up jaw-dropping numbers, despite the fact that he was suspended for four games to start the season. While both of these players have been astronomical, something equally impressive has been going down in the Lone Star State.

Having a player in contention for the MVP award is something special, but having two is unequivocally impressive, throw in the fact that they’re both rookies, and you’re experiencing something that is once in a lifetime. That is the situation facing Dallas Cowboys fans. We all knew Ezekiel Elliot was a great athlete, and that Dak Prescott was extremely talented, but no one, not a single online NFL betting fan could’ve possibly anticipated that the duo would be this incredible. Both Elliot and Prescott have put themselves at the forefront of the Rookie of the Year award, and they are legitimate contenders for the MVP award. That is unprecedented. What’s even funnier is the fact that the Cowboys are actually considering putting Romo back into the lineup when he’s 100%. That would go down in history as the worst decision a coach has ever made in the NFL. Prescott and Ezekiel’s Cowboys have too much chemistry, too much momentum, and too much talent. One of these two will win the Rookie of the Year award and of those two could very well win MVP.