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Who Scored the Most Points in the Super Bowl?

Who Scored the Most Points in the Super Bowl? When you read that question, your first thought might be: “ah, it’s a team.” But no. in this context, we’re asking about players. The Super Bowl has, since its beginning, as it’s just one game, often comes down to players making great plays. You’ll note we didn’t say “great players making great plays.” Why? Because the players who do this aren’t always “great.” That doesn’t mean that they aren’t very good. But, rather, it means that they didn’t go on to have the best, most hall of fame careers. 

Instead, it means that they rose up when they had to, in incredible moments that live forever. So many of us remember the “Tyree Catch,” with the Giants against the Patriots. David Tyree and the rest of his career have been more or less forgotten. Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes, who caught the winning touchdown pass from Ben Roethlisberger when the Steelers won Super Bowl 43 didn’t have much of a career after that game (although he was more than just that game – the Steelers may not have even made the Super Bowl without him). 

The truth is that Super Bowl history is about the best of the best being there when they had to as well as some other guys. 

So, Who Scored the Most Points in Super Bowl History? 

In history, it’s not one of those “just guys.” It’s, of course, Jerry Rice. The greatest receiver of all time (by any number of metrics) scored forty-eight points in his Super Bowl career. Think about that. He’s not a kicker or something. So, he only gets six points per score. You don’t have to break your brain on the math to figure it out – he scored eight touchdowns in four separate Super Bowls. 

That’s just an astonishing number. Eight touchdowns in four games is great if it’s in the middle of a season, if it’s against lesser opponents, that kind of thing. However, when it’s against the very best of the best (at least, the very best of the best that the other conference offers that year) then it’s even more extraordinary. There are so many reasons that Rice is the consensus best receiver ever. These are merely some of them. 

The next two names on the list won’t surprise you: Patriot kickers. Adam Vinatieri and Stephen Gostkowski respectively are 2nd and 3rd on the list. They’re very close, with Adam having 34 points and Stephen having 33. Stephen played in one more Super Bowl than Adam (6 to 5) but they both had very, very similar numbers. How similar? They both kicked seven field goals. 

Now, that might not seem like the biggest deal. After all, with notably few exceptions, these games are meant to be played in sites that don’t have swirling winds, tough conditions, and that kind of thing. However, they are games where everything is on the line. Thus, that can’t be overlooked. 

The edge comes, as these games so often do, in the little things. Adam has 13 extra points, Stephen 12. 

Who Scored the Most Points in a Super Bowl? 

You might think “Jerry Rice” here, too. But, he’s actually tied for second. He’s tied for second with a lot of other guys that you might imagine also have a lot of points in a Super Bowl. For example, he’s tied with TD Terrell Davis (for the Super Bowl against the Packers). Jerry Rice is also tied with three other San Francisco 49ers, specifically, Ricky Watters (for the Super Bowl against San Diego), Roger Craig (for the Super Bowl against the Dolphins, and… Jerry Rice. See, Jerry scored 18 points against the Broncos in 1990 and 18 against the Chargers, too. So, if you guessed “Jerry Rice,” that’s not a bad guess at all. 

No, the actual person who scored the most points in a Super Bowl is New England Patriots running back James White. He scored 20 points with two rushing touchdowns against the Atlanta Falcons. So much of this game, of the way that people remember this game, comes down to how it ended, with the enormous Patriot comeback, the Falcons (seemingly) epic choking, and so forth. 

But, what people often forget is that James White had a really good game beyond that. Sure, Tom Brady was the driving force here, but Tom has always needed someone to throw to. 

Perhaps even more impressively, unlike a lot of these guys, James White didn’t score until the second half. So, he actually scored all of those points in the 2nd half and, of course, the only points ever scored in overtime at the Super Bowl. 

What Team Scored the Most Points in a Super Bowl? 

If you’ve read to this point, you can probably figure it out. Yes, it was the Niners again. Specifically, they throttled Elway and the Broncos 55-10 in 1990. After that, you get the Dallas Cowboys beating up on Kelly and the Bills, 52-17. 3rd place goes back to the Niners, as they handled (then) San Diego easily, 49-26.

The team that scored the fourth most points in Super Bowl history is one that people often don’t realize. Sure, they might get it was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But, they probably think it’s when Tom Brady arrived with Gronk, AB, and the rest. Actually, it was actually the Super Bowl played on January 26th, 2003, as the Bucs beat the Raiders. 

Sure, the game was tight in the first quarter but the Bucs pulled away in the 2nd, going into the half with a 20 to 3 lead. It didn’t get any better for the Silver and Black from there. 

That’s what happened in the past. Who knows how many points will be scored in this Super Bowl 2023? If you have an idea, make a bet!