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What’s the Highest Scoring Super Bowl?

What’s the Highest Scoring Super Bowl? That would be Super Bowl 29, or Super Bowl XXIX if you’re into the Roman numerals. On January 29th, 1995, at Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami, Florida (it used to be referred to as “The Joe” if you’re old enough) the San Francisco 49ers defeated the (then) San Diego Chargers in the highest scoring Super Bowl of all time (as of this writing). 

Speaking of “as of this writing,” we say that because the 2023 Super Bowl is right around the corner. Sure, there’s about a month until kickoff, and it very well may be that this year’s is the highest scoring (although, that is unlikely if you’ve looked at scores across the league). But, in one game, in one Super Bowl, anything can happen, which is the big appeal of a league and a sport where everything comes down to one game, one champion, one moment. 

Who Won the Highest Scoring Super Bowl of All Time? 

San Francisco. The 49ers. They won and did they ever. Indeed, they were all over the Chargers. See, it’s the highest scoring Super Bowl of all time because of plenty of points that the Chargers scored in what’s called “Garbage Time.” Now, “Garbage Time” is not a “real stat,” not something that you’ll see in a box score or anything of that nature. But, “Garbage Time” is a very real thing. 

See, when one team jumps out to a big lead, at a certain point, should they maintain that lead, both teams realize that the game is, for all intents and purposes, over. Sure, there’s plenty of time left, but the lead has become so big that the outcome has already been decided. But, neither time is just going to take knees or something (although, the team that is far ahead very well may run the ball more, take out some of their starters, and so forth). 

That’s sort of what happened here. The San Francisco 49ers ran out to a big lead and were up 28 to 10 at halftime. Again, that’s an 18 point lead. 

What Was the Score of the Highest Scoring NFL Championship Ever? 

The final score was 49 to 26. Again, sounds like a close game, or one where it might have been close and then one team pulled away. That, again, is not what happened here. The Niners ran out ahead and stayed there. 

Now, as a viewer of this game, you very well could convince yourself that, at the end of the first quarter, when it was Niners 14 Chargers 7, that maybe something was going to work out here. Maybe the Chargers could make it a game or even play some D, etc. After all, they were down ten points in Pittsburgh a couple weeks prior and came back in that one. 

Perhaps if quarterback Stan (“The Man”) Humphries and running back Natrone Means (“Business”) could get on track, then that would give all-time great linebacker Junior Seau a chance to work some magic on defense. But, again, that’s not what happened. 

The Niners just kept firing. Soon, 14-7 after one quarter became 28-10 at the half. Then, the Niners put up another two touchdowns in the 3rd quarter and that was it. The teams more or less took their time in the 4th waiting for the Niners to be crowned. 

This was also not a case of “the handicappers were fooled.” At kickoff, the line was Niners by 18.5. While we can’t give you a good guess as to what the Super Bowl will be like this year, we can say, with quite a bit of assurance, that the odds are quite good the line will not be that big. 

Who Was the MVP of the Highest Scoring Super Bowl Ever? 

Steve Young. And deservedly so. For so many years, rightly or wrongly, he was seen as playing in Joe Montana’s shadow. After all, Joe won four Super Bowls with the Niners while Steve had yet to win any, despite being a hall of fame talent in his own right. Thus, this game was seen as validation, a sign of just how great he was.

He went 24 for 36 for 325 yards, but the real story of his accomplishment was six touchdown passes. That’s still the record. It wasn’t touched by Brady, Warner, Roethlisberger, any of them – that’s still the record. Now, you could make the case that there hasn’t been a weaker team in a Super Bowl since than this Chargers team (the Rex Grossman Bears, the Jared Goff Rams might be close, but both of those teams had hall of fame, all time talents in Brian Urlacher and Aaron Donald, respectively). 

That’s the highest scoring Super Bowl there was. That doesn’t mean it was the best game, the closest, or anything of that nature. But, it was the one where folks saw the most points (even though early in the 4th quarter it was 49-18). 

Who knows what we’ll see next! Good luck to all of you betting on the Super Bowl this year.