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What to Expect from the Cowboys

The injury bug went hard on the Dallas Cowboys last season. But this 2016 season, NFL betting experts are expecting big things from them, as they could really turn things around. Last season the Cowboys ended up with a disastrous 4-12 record, and this year they are looking to find their way back to post season contention. If you bet on football, do not sleep on the Cowboys, as they are not likely to go back to a losing record.

The Cowboys are the current favorites to win the division. Their NFL betting odds for them are +180 that puts them over bitter rivals Redskins and Giants. They have the roster with enough talent to carry them to the playoffs, should they stay healthy all through out the season. Once there, it all depends on how lady luck would have it. But during this regular season, the Cowboys have all the weapons they need to put on a great show.

Offensively, the Cowboys have a team that could be World Championship contenders. That is if defense was not a requirement, but more on that later. From top to bottom the Cowboys could have a very exciting unit that could earn those wins in the double digits. Tony Romo, when healthy, is a incredible Quarterback, Dez Bryant is one of the best in the league, and Ezekiel Elliot can become a future superstar. The pieces and the talent are there for them, it just a matter of keeping the injury bug away.

Defensively, well that’s were the Cowboys might (and will) have problems. You can try to outscore the other team as much as you want, but if you want to build good chances of making it this season, you have to get a defense that can bid the offense as many opportunities to take the lead and secure games. The Cowboys defense is questionable and here’s where the bookies are not entirely sold on their potential. However, there are some NFL betting analysts that state that this Dallas defense is not entirely the worse they have seen, and they have been able to step up, just not as consistently as other big teams in the league.

The Cowboys might not be on their way to a trip to the Super Bowl just yet, but they are strong favorites to at the very least reach the playoffs. Their season will see a definitive improvement from a lackluster 2015. NFL betting fans can count that they will win the NFC East, but the will fall short from reaching the NFC Championship game. After that, the Cowboys could have the beginning of something good going here, it just a matter of building a strong defense to go with their formidable offensive unit. Their record this season is going to be 11-5, and for a while there people might change their tune when it comes to them, when you read about it, just remember where you read it first.