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Super Bowl 2023 Update: NFL Teams With a Bye This Week

NFL Teams With a Bye This Week: The NFL playoffs are, amazingly, about to begin. We’re just a few days away from the start of the games, and, in just a month or so, the 2023 Super Bowl itself. This weekend, we’ll get rid of a lot of the teams. The field will be cut from fourteen to eight. Seven plays two, six plays three, and four plays five. One, however, does not play in each conference. The way the playoffs are set up now, the teams that had the best record in each conference get a bye through the first round. 

In the NFC, that’s the Philadelphia Eagles and in the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs. Both teams have won Super Bowls in the last decade. Both teams go back further than that, winning many championships before there was a “Super Bowl.” 

What Championships Have the Chiefs Won? 

The Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV in 2020, beating the San Francisco 49ers. While there’s been plenty of turnover since that team, the quarterback and coach remain the same: Pat Mahomes and Andy Reid. Before that, the Chiefs won Super Bowl IV way back in 1970. The Chiefs actually made the very first Super Bowl but lost to Bart Starr and the Green Bay Packers. 

Before there was a Super Bowl, the Chiefs were a member of the “AFL,” now defunct. The “American Football League” was a competitor to the NFL. The Chiefs won the league championships in 62, 66, and 69. Today, many of the teams in the AFC (but not all) were members of the American Football League (and many of the teams in the NFC were teams that, in the days of the AFL, were already in the NFL). 

NFL Teams With a Bye This Week: What Championships Have the Eagles Won? 

The Eagles have won only one Super Bowl, but it was a doozy. They beat the Patriots in Super Bowl LII. Nick Foles was at quarterback, playing for Carson Wentz, who was hurt. The Eagles have been around a long time and had previously made the Super Bowl but not won. However, they also won NFL championships in 1948, 1949, and 1960. 

Who Scored the Most Points in the Super Bowl? 

Not a surprise to many, it was Jerry Rice. The consensus best receiver of all time (at least, as of this writing) he scored 48 points in the Super Bowl. That was with quarterbacks Joe Montana as well as Steve Young throwing him the ball. 

Who has the Most Career Rushing Yards in the Super Bowl? 

That would be the late, great, Franco Harris. A member of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the 70s, a team that won four Super Bowl titles, Franco ran for 354 yards in the four games. Alongside that, he caught five passes for more than 117 yards. A first ballot Hall of Famer, Franco is best known for catching the “Immaculate Reception.” This play, in the 1972 playoffs, did not occur in a Super Bowl, but is seen by many (including the players themselves) as the catalyst for the Steelers’ dynasty throughout the decade. 

What’s the Highest Scoring Super Bowl in NFL History? 

Before we give you the answer, we should point out that “just because there were a lot of points scored, that doesn’t mean that it was a good game.” In Super Bowl 29 (XXIX), on January 29, 1995, the San Francisco 49ers took on the (then) San Diego Chargers. San Fran won 49026 in a game that never really was that close. 

The high score is a bit of a lie, so to speak, because the Chargers were never really in this one. Many of these points were scored in so-called “Garbage Time.” The term “Garbage Time” refers to the time of a game when one team has put together an insurmountable lead and the other, losing team scores a bunch of points as they are no longer a threat to the better team. Without that much “Garbage Time,” this would not have been the highest-scoring game. 

NFL Teams With a Bye This Week: Who Scored the Most Points in a Super Bowl? 

San Francisco, and in another game that was not at all close. Today, we remember John Elway as an all-time great, a quarterback who closed out his career with back to back championships. However, there was a time when that was not the case. Instead, Elway was seen as a very good quarterback who couldn’t win the Super Bowl, getting to the game often but not being “clutch” enough (or something) to pull it out. 

Case in point, the most points a team scored in a Super Bowl was Super Bowl 24. The Niners, in this game, put up 55 points. The Broncos, consequently, put up 10. 

What’s the Lowest Scoring Super Bowl of All Time (Other than 53) 

Yes, Super Bowl 53 wasn’t all that long ago and, as of this writing, it was the lowest scoring Super Bowl (when the Pats beat the Rams, 13-3). However, the second lowest scoring Super Bowl was the one that ended the perfect season. The Dolphins beat the (then) Redskins of Washington 14-7 in Super Bowl 7. That was the lowest scoring Super Bowl for a very long time. 

You can learn a lot from looking at the past. However, it can’t perfectly predict the Super Bowl future. This year’s playoffs and Super Bowl will be something to see indeed. Good luck to you and your team(s) throughout the playoffs!