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Week 2’s Matchups You Won’t Want to Miss

Online football betting fans can have vastly different tastes in the types of lines that they prefer. Some fans choose games that are guaranteed to be a blowout while others prefer to be taken for an emotional rollercoaster. Even still, instead of picking a winner other fans would rather wager on the spread, and therefore can still wager on the most intense matchups. With that in mind, here are the contests in Week 2 most worthy of your online football bets.

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings

Packers -2 ½ (-110) 43 ½ (-110) -135 Vikings +2 ½ (-110) 43 ½ (-110) +115

You can always count on Sunday Night Football to deliver on a heated pairing and this Sunday it will add another chapter to one of the most competitive rivalries in the league. Green Bay leads the All-time series 59-50-2 in a rivalry that has spanned over 55 years. The Vikings may be the reigning NFC North champions, but the odds favor the Packers ever so slightly. The Pack-Vikes rivalry is known for always producing close games and it looks like the trend will once again continue, just take a look at the 2 ½ point spread. This game will indubitably have playoff implications down the road and this is one pairing fans won’t want to miss.

Cincinnati Bengals at Pittsburgh Steelers

Bengals +3 (+105) 48 (-110) +155 Steelers -3 (-125) 48 (-110) -175

If the rivalry between the Packers and the Vikings is known for being close, then the AFC North rivalry between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh is known for being bloody. Over the last ten years the two teams have exchanged more broken bones than one would care to count. Last season, the two racked up more than $200,000 in fines and the games have become riddled with trash-talk and cheap shots that even Roethlisberger – an NFL player whose name is often associated with sexual assault – has called for a change of tone. Seeing two teams trying to take each other’s heads off is always exciting, but seeing players deliberately trying to hurt each other is never a good thing. The online football betting odds favor the Steelers in this matchup, but this game will prove to be unpredictable.

Miami Dolphins at New England Patriots

Dolphins +6 ½ (-110) 41 ½ (-110) +230 Patriots -6 ½ (-110) 41 ½ (-110) -290

The Dolphins are entering the season with an entirely new coaching staff that gave the Seattle Seahawks a run for their money in Week 1. Miami didn’t come away with it, but they made an impression across the league. The Pats might have won without Brady in their 2016 debut, but a game against a divisional rival is an entirely different affair. New England is coming in as the online football betting favorites, but the Dolphins might make more than a splash in this contest.

New Orleans Saints at New York Giants

Saints +4 ½ (-110) 53 (-110) +180 Giants -4 ½ (-110) 53 (-110) -210

This contest might be the only one on the list that doesn’t feature a divisional rivalry, but the Giants and Saints always deliver some of the most competitive football in the league. Just look at the performance they delivered during 2015’s Week 8. New Orleans and New York combined for 101 points and over 1,000 yards. The totals line doesn’t think this score will go that high, but fans can always hope.