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Week 1 NFL Betting Picks for Online Sportsbook Players

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Week 1 NFL Betting Picks

The 2018 NFL football betting season kicks off this Thursday. To help hail in the new season, we’re taking an online legal betting look at Week 1’s lineup. Below are some Week 1 NFL betting picks to help sportsbook players start the season off on a high note.

Week 1 NFL Betting Picks

Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles

This is our 2018 opening day matchup. Technically this is a rematch of the divisional round matchup between both of these teams that took place in January. The odds aren’t quite sure how this one will turn out, making either side a lucrative option straight up. You’re safest bet here is to take the OVER on the totals since both teams have explosive offenses.

Falcons +1 (-110) 44½ (-115)   -101
Eagles -1 (-110) 44½ (-105)   -119
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NFL Betting Pick: 31-28 Philadelphia.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

The Steelers are favorites against Cleveland but not by much. Undoubtedly, this makes them arguably the best straight up option ahead of this weekend’s lineup. Cleveland is sticking with Tyrod Taylor as their quarterback and it’ll be interesting to see what they can do with him. This is probably one of the easiest Week 1 NFL betting picks to make.

Steelers -4 (-105) 44 (-110)   -200
Browns +4 (-115) 44 (-110)   +170
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NFL Betting Pick: 42-28 Pittsburgh.

Tennessee Titans vs. Miami Dolphins

The Titans are coming off a highly successful season that saw them post a 9-7 record en route to a Wild Card berth. However, the franchise decided to part ways with Mike Mularkey who had spent three years with Tennessee. Mike Vrabel, a former NFL player, now steps in to lead this team. Vrabel doesn’t have much coaching experience but the Titans are hopeful he can be impactful. The Dolphins are coming off a poor season thanks to an injury to their starting quarterback. It’s uncertain how they’ll fare in 2018.

Titans -1½ (-110) 45 (-105)   -123
Dolphins +1½ (-110) 45 (-115)   +103
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NFL Betting Pick: 28-14 Tennessee.  

San Francisco Niners vs. Minnesota Vikings

We saw a glimpse of what San Francisco is capable of with Jimmy G as their starting quarterback last season. After picking up a single win all season long, the Niners posted a 5-0 record to finish the season. But now that teams are preparing for Garoppolo, will San Fran be able to dominate? We’ll get that answer straight away as they face one of the toughest defenses in the NFL in Minnesota.

49ers +6½ (-110) 46 (-110)   +218
Vikings -6½ (-110) 46 (-110)   -265
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NFL Betting Pick: 21-17 Minnesota.

Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots

The Texans are coming off an awful 4-12 season but are hopeful 2018 brings a turning point. All in all we saw a lot of good things out of Deshaun Watson last season. If they can keep him healthy, they should be contenders in the division. However, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to beat New England on the road in Week 1.

Texans +6 (-110) 51 (-105)   +215
Patriots -6 (-110) 51 (-115)   -260
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NFL Betting Pick: 42-28 New England.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints

New Orleans won the NFC South last season with an 11-5 record but will have a tough time doing so in 2018. The reason being that the division gave birth to 3 playoff teams last season; Saints, Panthers and Falcons. All three of these will be vying for the top, giving us a battle to the death. The Saints will be looking to get a leg up in this race by picking off the Bucs in Week 1.

Buccaneers +9½ (-110) 49½ (-105)   +361
Saints -9½ (-110) 49½ (-115)   -465
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NFL Betting Pick: 45-31 New Orleans.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Giants

The Jags made it to the AFC Championship last season. Now they look to build on last year’s success and it starts by winning on the road against the Giants. New York is in a rebuild season but has the talent to explode onto the scene. Manning is a tried and proven quarterback, OBJ’s talents are unquestionable (at least in the regular season), and Saquon Barkley is a sportsbook favorite to win Rookie of the year.

Jaguars -3 (-115) 43½ (-110)   -165
Giants +3 (-105) 43½ (-110)   +144
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NFL Betting Pick: 21-17 Jacksonville.

Buffalo Bills vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Bills made the playoffs last season, much to everyone’s surprise. However, the team decided to part ways with Tyrod Taylor. Nathan Peterman is taking over at quarterback and NFL football betting sites are uncertain as to how he’ll perform. That same sentiment applies to the Ravens. Baltimore’s 2018 season is up in the air, making this a tough matchup to predict.

Bills +7½ (-115) 41 (-105)   +274
Ravens -7½ (-105) 41 (-105)   -340
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NFL Betting Pick: 28-21 Buffalo.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Los Angeles Chargers

Kansas City was undoubtedly one of the most dominant teams from last year’s action. Now they’re entering the Patrick Mahomes era and it’ll be interesting to see what it brings. Mahomes may yet be unproven, but he’s got the pieces around him to be a threat. The Chargers are finally poised to take the AFC West back and a Week 1 win would certainly help them out.

Chiefs +3½ (-110) 48 (-110)   +160
Chargers -3½ (-110) 48 (-110)   -185
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NFL Betting Pick: 35-28 Los Angeles.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos

This will be a battle of defenses to be won by the better offense. If that’s the case, then Seattle will be coming out on top.

Seahawks +3 (-121) 43 (-110)   +131
Broncos -3 (+101) 43 (-110) -151
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NFL Betting Pick: 21-17 Seattle.

Washington Redskins vs. Arizona Cardinals

Both teams are coming off bad seasons but both teams have the talent to burst onto the scene in 2018. David Johnson is coming off an injury and it’s uncertain how he’ll perform. Alex Smith is now a Redskin and it’ll be intriguing to see how he fares without Kareem Hunt backing him up.

Redskins +1½ (-110) 44 (-105)   +107
Cardinals -1½ (-110) 44 (-115) -127
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NFL Betting Pick: 31-21 Arizona.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Carolina Panthers

The Cowboys failed to get the job done last season thanks to an innumerable amount of dramatic issues. That included the anthem protests, Jerry Jones’ public comments and of course Ezekiel Elliot’s suspension. Now, heading into the 2018 season, the Cowboys are expected to deliver a breathtaking season. We’ll have to see how they handle Cam Newton and the Panthers in Week 1 before we hop on their mobile betting bandwagon.

Cowboys +3 (-120) 42½ (-111)   +131
Panthers -3 (EV) 42½ (-109) -151
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NFL Betting Pick: 35-28 Dallas.

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers is set to begin his revenge tour against the NFL. Rodgers was knocked out with an injury last season and is eager to get some payback, especially against the NFC North. The Bears made the move to Mitch Trubisky last season but were unable to find much success. Chicago has brought on head coach Matt Nagy to try and get better results out of this squad. There’s enough talent to be competitive in the North.

Bears +7½ (-115) 48 (-105)   +274
Packers -7½ (-105) 48 (-115) -340
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NFL Betting Pick: 42-28 Green Bay.

New York Jets vs. Detroit Lions

The Jets are coming off a disastrous 5-11 season. This year is arguably Todd Bowles’ last to prove his merit. The Lions flirted with playoff qualification last season but fell short at the last moment. A win in this Monday Night Football matchup would help them secure a seed this time around.

Jets +6½ (-110) 45 (-110)   +226
Lions -6½ (-110) 45 (-110) -275
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NFL Betting Pick: 27-17 Detroit.

Los Angeles Rams vs. Oakland Raiders

The Rams have a lot to prove after bursting onto the scene last year. Most importantly, they have to show it wasn’t a fluke. The Raiders have a lot of pressure riding on them after giving Jon Gruden a ton of money but shipping Khalil Mack elsewhere.

Rams -4 (-115) 49½ (-110)   -212
Raiders +4 (-105) 49½ (-110) +177
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NFL Betting Pick: 35-21 Los Angeles.