Washington’s NFL Betting Playoff Odds Continue to Dwindle

Posted by: Mike Davis
Washington Redskins vs. Chicago Bears Betting NFL Week 16 - Saturday, December 24th

The NFC East hasn’t had a back-to-back winner in over a decade and it certainly will not be getting one in the 2016 NFL betting season. The Washington Redskins may have entered the season as the reigning NFC East champions, but the sportsbooks were not favoring the Redskins to win the division. In the end, it seems that the sportsbooks were right as Washington is no longer in contention for the division. In fact, with this past Monday night’s loss to the Carolina Panthers, the Redskins have fallen to the 8th seed in the NFC, effectively removing them from the playoffs. Before that contest the Redskins were sitting on the No. 6 seed and had the season ended prematurely Washington would’ve qualified for the postseason on a Wild Card berth. But since the Redskins fell apart against a pretty mediocre team, Washington is no longer in control of their playoff fate. Not to say that they’ve been eliminated from playoff contention, but now the Redskins need other teams to lose and that is the sort of the position no Super Bowl-bound ever finds themselves in.

In Week 16 the 7-6-1 Redskins will try to salvage their 2016 season by facing off against the 3-11 Chicago Bears. Both of these teams will be coming off of losses. The Redskins just got their playoff hopes set back by the Panthers and the Bears lost a hard-fought rivalry against the Green Bay Packers. Chicago may not have been able to soil Green Bay’s playoff hopes, but this Sunday they can certainly soil the Redskins’. Considering the difference between these two’s records, what will most sportsbooks have to say about this contest?

NFL Odds – Week 16 – Saturday, December 24th 

Washington Redskins -3 (-120) 45½ (-110) -170
Chicago Bears +3 (EV) 45½ (-110) +150

As most NFL betting fans expected, the bookies are siding with the team with the better record. However, the odds were backing the Redskins in their contest against Carolina and we all saw how that turned out. The Bears came close to delivering an upset to the Packers and you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be itching to get the job done this Saturday. Judging by how great Chicago’s secondary looks on defense, the Bears might have the defense to get the job done.

The Bears will be coming into Saturday’s contest with the 6th best passing defense, and 9th best total defense in the league. This should be a good matchup against the Redskins passing offense which ranks as the 2nd best in the league. However, the Bears are 23rd against the run, and even though Washington has the 18th worst rushing offense in the league, they should still be able to exploit the Bears’ weakness. The Redskins desperately need a win if they want to keep their dwindling NFL betting playoff hopes alive. Ultimately Washington would need both the Packers and Buccaneers to finish the season out with losses, and that’s just something the sportsbooks will refrain from predicting.